Diabetic/ Medical IDs

Did you get an answer to your question about ID bracelets? If not, I know there is a business in the Southlake, TX area that designs custom ID bracelets. I will have to do some research to find them, but I know I can locate them if you are still seeking more fashionable bracelets.

I have found a really cool one, I ordered it and it so cool my son wants one for the non-diabetics. It is only $5.00 and the proceeds goes to diabetes research. You can get it at www.nickssimplewins.com

If you go to QVC.com and type into search: medical alert jewelry you will find some nice choices and fair prices.
Hope this helps.

Wow those “Pandora” style bracelets are cool. I want one! :slight_smile:

I Love this one!

Story of my life, diabetic life. Don’t let them tell you that you have to have a big red medical sign hanging on your wrist - not true. If there is any emergency trust me someone will notice something a bit more discrete. It just has to identify a medical condition and your name.

I wear a simple gold bracelet, vintage from my grandmother and have a quarter size all gold medical charm attached to it. I love it and would actually wear it as a regular charm bracelet. I only have the one medical charm attached so it stands out.

Try: www.Silver-and-Gold-Charms.com

I’ve been thinking about this issue a lot myself. I have gotten a handful of bracelets to attach to a medical ID tag and finally decided that they can’t be all that hard to put together. I’ve started an etsy store to sell jewelry sets (necklace and bracelet matching, some with other options) here: http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=7149424 . I’m happy to do custom orders if you need something to match a particular outfit, and I’ll be donating part of my profits to JDRF. Let me know what you think and if there’s anything you’d like to see!

I purchased a stainless stell men’s bracelet from Sam’s club for less than $50, went to a local jeweler and purchased a stainless medical alert charm, had it engraved and then the jeweler drilled a hole in a link in the bracelet and attached the charm. I spent less than $75 on the whole thing. About every year or so I need to have the charm resoldered, as I wear it daily, but it doesn’t look like medic alert bracelet.

I am a nurse on a diabetic/dialysis unit and we have some young Type 1 guys who have some big biker looking diabetes tattoos that are really cool looking. I am also a Type 1 and have thought about it, but I have so many facets to myself, I don’t really want my disease to be the over riding one to the point of tattooing it on myself. I would have to tattoo a giant puzzle on myself and include, “Mama”, “Wife”, “Nurse”, “Sister”, “Daughter”, “Kayaker”, “Auntie”, “Quilter”, “Avid lover of ink pens, books and hand lotion” and many others before I would get down to “Diabetic”. (Besides I like the first ones better, and I don’t want that much ink!)

I always wear my medical alert bracelet, and people must notice it, because they ask me what its for all the time.

I like your CBG protocol idea, but I can hardly find what I want in all my diabetes junk, I don’t know how a stranger would wade through and find it in an emergency.

I always wear a bracelet, and though it’s cute, I make sure it has a visible charm. I think education is the key, though, and since I hardly ever have a moment of peace and quiet, I’m usually surrounded my friends/family/coworkers. I make sure my kids and other family/friends know what to do if I’m having problems. They know the early signs, symptoms and know how to use my glucometer etc.