Diabetic Supply Companies

Has anyone had recent good experiences with their diabetic supply company? I used Solara for years until they were merged with another company. Now I am trying to get setup with Advanced Diabetes and it takes too many phone calls to get things done.

So does anyone have a recommendation for a great diabetic supply company?

USMed. Totally problem free experience and that’s rare.

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I use CCS med. Overall pretty good, but did have some issues when I started, as it coincided with start of covid. Minimal problems since then.
I get tandem pump/supplies from them, and dexcom from local pharmacy.

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In my experience it is about choosing the least bad company rather than finding a good one. I’ve found Minipharmacy in LA to be reliable and small enough that when something does need to be fixed I can talk to real people who actually get things done.

I use ADS for test strips. I’d never trust them with an order for something important. @mremmers ADS bought US Med in 2021 so keep an eye on them.

If you want to avoid Adapthealth that bought Solara I’ve noted some of their acquisitions in my Dexcom supplier list. Wanna "break up" with my Dexcom supplier -- tips? - #21 by spdif

I’ve used several suppliers over the years and found US Med to be free of the many problems that plague so many companies. I use them for my Dexcom supplies. I reply “yes” to a text every 90 days and then receive a 90-day order a week or two later. There’s no doctor communication drama or extra phone calls. They just work with a minimum of hassle.

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I have also found US Med to be great for my Dexcom supplies.

Edwards health care is most excellent.

How about Suga Medical? Claims to have shipped Omnipod 5 Adhesive Overpatches 11/22/23, still waiting.

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Where I get my supplies is controlled by the suppliers my pump uses. More recently it is Solara, formerly Diabetes and Management Supply. Solara is not as personable as DMS was, but do a creditable job. They contact me in a timely manner and I get my supplies on time.

I had to use CCS in the past and it was a constant battle. They were not customer oriented in any way. Had to beg for supplies every time they were due. I would change pumps to avoid them.

Same for me. But now on Medicare and switching to ADS.

CCS was very good when I started with them. But horrible when they updated their system, had long hold times, and poor return back call.