Diabuddies a second take

Diabuddies a second take

This past week I read a blog that touched me. Often the blogs that are so compelling to me are found here on TUDiabetes. There is a reason for that. Aside from two efforts I seldom read other blogs. I write enough blogsI am afraid of copying something I have read (inadvertently of course) without providing proper attribution to the author. I figure if I do not read other blogs I cannot really copy someone else’s idea.

The difference with blogs on TUdiabets is that I have responsibilities here that require me to read bogs. So I have to admit to being amazed by how good our community blogs can be. This past week I read a terrific blog titled Diabuddies by Sumattox. Here is the link to the blog:


I hope if you have not read her work you will and give her a comment so we can encourage her writing. It is worth a close read

What struck me about the blog is a particular line about meeting diabetics in the wild. I can’t say I know many wild diabetics (that was not her point) but her phrasing stuck me as a little bit funny. The thought of wild diabetics made me chuckle. I have this imagine of diabetics climbing poles and rushing into large open spaces chanting odd slogans like: free me from my pump, or cut the disease not the tubing or maybe give us more flavor less carbs. I often think of some nutty stuff. Anyway back to the point. It is cool to meet diabetics I do not know. So I agree with Sumattox meeting diabetics (even wild ones) in the wild is great.

Last year a friend of mine attended the Friends for Life conference in Florida. Her comment was that after 20 + years she had never met another type 1 person until she attended the conference. Unlike my friend I grew up around diabetics. I suppose that results from having an ill parent with diabetes or maybe I just attract folks who have diabetes. It is amazing how for some reason I meet lots of people with diabetes in ‘the wild’. Perhaps it has something do with being unnaturally open or more likely I am just an odd duck when it comes to having a chronic disease.

This openness has led to some opportunities. One example was this week when I had a blog published by Medtornic in their online publication, “THE LOOP”. I was offered the opportunity to write this item based on some blogs I had written on other sites. The article is titled the “5 Stages of Diabetes Acceptance” you can be read at this location:


I wrote that back in November and it was published this week. I am very proud of the article. I hope if you have the chance you will take a minute to read it. ‘The Loop’ is an online publication of Medtronic. It is featured on the Medtronic Facebook feed and is offered to some Medtronic customers as a newsletter communication. Heck I use Medtronic devices and I had never heard of ‘the Loop’ before I found it on Facebook. Go Figure.

That brings me back to the issue of the diabetic wild. I have had the great privilege of meeting many people with diabetes in the wild. I have yet to meet many wild diabetics. Maybe someday I might even be a wild diabetic, well not too wild. Yes crazy things happen in the Diabetic Wild.

Now back to those chants? How about 2 – 4 – 6 – 8 high cost investigate?

Yeah that one may need some work.



We are super proud of you Rick and your wild side of diabetes.

Thanks for the shout out!