Diet Soda: ADDICTED!

oooh diet pomegranate and grey goose :slight_smile:
I’m moving to Canada.

I’m sorry Dino but I’m an addit and can and WILL drink a 2 liter without giving it a 2nd thought. Yep I’ve heard all the bad that is said to go along with them but it’s better than the alternitive which I drank for years…plian old Coke! No diet in it…I will admit that my bs fell down after I started with the diet but I still love the taste of regular old Coke when I can get it …Well it’s either that or coffee which I have been told is not good for us either but, I gotta say this my great uncle and grandfather both lived passed their 80’s and 90 doing the samething!!!

Hi my name is Mike and I am a Diet Coke addict. I try to limit the intake but we have coke fountains and cans of DC everywhere at my ad agency. I’m surrounded!!! I had to stop buying it and that helps a little but rogue bottles still make it into my fridge. I try to pack my fridge with other options but nothing tops the crisp sound of a sweaty can of DC being opened fresh out of the chilled pop machine. :frowning: Actually I’m drinking one right now.

I TOO am an addict- Diet Coke and Iced Tea! Can’t help it! Sorry! There are just some small rewards in life that make it oh so nice to get through the day. It’s wonderful!!

“nothing tops the crisp sound of a sweaty can of (Diet Coke) being opened fresh out of the chilled pop machine”

Alright, Mr. Advertising Agency…you obviously know what you’re doing. I’m trying to get through recovery, and now I have this ridiculously refreshing image stuck in my head LOL.

That pic looks SO tastie! I have already had 2 today.

What can I say! lol We have fridge in every meeting room here. I don’t know if your recovery could handle it here! I have to force myself to drink water for the rest of the day. Seriously though doesn’t that pic look great?!?!?!

My boss just caught me licking my screen.

dietsodaholic…lol I am more of a diet-tea-aholic…

I have to have my diet peach tea (snapple) and gold peak diet tea…ummmm!

Dino I’ll bet all of us diet cokesahilics aren’t helping you forget that image either are we?..Sorry about that but…

You all know you want to stay on the dark side. It’s all crisp, refreshing, sparkley, and delicious. As long as you aren’t using sick days or abandoning your families to go to good soda sales, what’s the harm? :slight_smile:

P.S. I just got back from the supermarket. 2-L Fresca was buy one get one free.

when I started graduate school, I decided that I would make a conscious effort to switch to diet soda from regular. At the time, I wasn’t diabetic.

When I told people this, I was informed that my brain would rot, my kidneys would fail, I would get MS, parkinsons’, alzheimers, lupus, and virtually every other known malady.

I decided to put my education to use and actually research it- not on the internet but in the published archives of scientific journals ( did I mention I’m in grad school for genetics?).

I have to say, that I did not find one shread of evidence to support any of these claims, much less the idea that diet sodas do anything to you.

Many people also talk about how awful aspartame is and how it will turn into formaldehyde- and thus rot you from the inside. I generally now respond with the following:

Even if the entire can of diet coke were to degrade into formaldehyde, and I still drank it, with it tasting like crap, it would be less formaldehyde than I would get from a whole raw tomato.

That usually shuts them up.
And now I am completely addicted to Diet Coke. Some mornings I wish I could inject it into my veins- but I would miss the taste.

So I say, unless you have problem with caffeine, drink up!


I was also thinking that I think diet soda serves as a food “trigger”, making me want to eat (and eat).
If I go to the movies and get some bottled water, I can control my food urges. But if I get a pop (yes I super-size for a quarter more) in about half an hour I’m out to the snack stand cruising for something to eat.

And, did you know that you can use any cola product (real sugar or not) to clean your toilet bowl? Just dump a can in and let it sit for a couple of hours - the flush and everything will be sparkly clean.

Hello again my name is Dino and I am a dietsodaholic. It’s been 30 minutes since my last drink.

OK any here are a couple links that have completely opposite representations of what the “truth” is.

Safe -

Unsafe -

I also remember that Hawaii was trying to BAN aspartame with a Senate bill earlier this year:

I dunno my fellow addicts. I think there is enough evidence presented for us to at least take another look at that shiny silver can. I like to look at both sides of the story, and I’m not gonna dismiss the possibility of real dangers quite yet.

Sure…denial is easy and ignorance is bliss…but despite all the joking about being “addicted”, I really do want to know the truth about what this stuff could potentially do!

soft drinks are full of phosphate which will stimulate parathroid hormone,and osteomalacia will result. when I lived in UK I found children who never tasted water but offered juice when thirsty,all fructose in this stuff can not be handled by body.

I support going back to nature,drink mostly water but my problem is coffee!!!1

I was also addicted to diet soda, particularly diet coke. But I took the addiction to the next level, I was having way too many cans a day and knew that I had to ween myself off the stuff! When I read the label, I have no idea what the heck is in it, I don’t understand it at all but I do know it’s not natural. So now, I have a can here and there, mostly if I’m at a social event so I don’t like the boring one who’s not drinking alcohol or pop! But I also have accustomed to like the mineral water. With a lime or lemon, it’s kind of nice in summer.

Osteomalacia is most commonly caused by a definite defieciency in vitamin D Also caused by flouride such is in toothpaste and used for treating teeth and in drinking water and by the aluminum in deodorants. When phosphates leech from bones and cells making bones you get a severe case of rickets.

Heads up for fellow Diet Coke addicts the cost of Coke is going up! Start saving your pennies now or start falling in love with other diet sodas! Or water? hmmmmm…

I think the diet soda is still cheaper, by the ounce, than the designer waters. And, at least the aluminum cans can be recycled far more efficiently than the plastic bottles.

Hello my name is Dino and I am a dietsodaholic. It has been 20 minutes since my last drink.

So far this morning I’ve had one fountain Diet Pepsi, a fountain Diet Pepper, and a coffee. It sure does feel like a good morning.

I’m going cold turkey again on Monday.