Discussion or Announcement?

Hello fellow TUd friends! I have an announcement to make. I will be having surgery on my left foot to graft skin onto the recent wound. The big day is Friday, 9/4. Yup, THIS FRIDAY!!!

Please try to remember me in the afternoon on Friday. I hope it takes. I’ve got til 9/8 to get out of the hospital before I go into my Medicare lifetime days that you never get back. I will also have a co-pay of something like $250 per day!!! I just don’t have that kind of money.

Lots of love and thanks.


hello Lois, …yes I will be thinking of you this Friday and prior and well after …PROMISE …hope you get your next steps organized …that sounds very, very challenging , oh my .

You’ll definitely be in my thoughts hon!

I will be thinking of you on Friday! I will call and check on you too :slight_smile:

Love ya
Robyn XX

End of this hospital road is in sight–thank goodness. Can’t wait to hear that you’re discharged.

You’re in my heart & thoughts for Friday.

Hugs & love to you, dear Lois.

We are starting the prayers and positive thoughts right now, and will continue until we hear the happy news.

Hello Lois… I will light a candle of strength and health at a chapel near our place for you. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

I will be thinking of you and praying for you, you can count on this.

Hi Lois

I’ve been hearing your name on the board thanks to Robyn, so it’s nice to see and hear you “in person”. Best of luck for your surgery and a good speedy recovery!

THANK YOU ONE AND ALL!!! I know I shouldn’t feel scared, but I am … a bit. And things are a bit in the air with the length of my stay because my Medicare covered days are coming to an end before I go into the lifetime days that never can be renewed! That means a co-pay for me to cover of about $250/day (not sure of the amount). That means the hospital will be anxious to get rid of me and may insist on an earlier discharge than what is good for me.

Pray for the finances too. On a fixed income means thatr I can’t work overtime to cover additional expenses. Unless I start making some bucks with my jewelry making.

Again, whatever your higher power is, intercede for me … please.


Yes, thank you Robyn for “introducing” me to Lois. It is nice to finally hear from you in person, as Zoe stated. God Bless you. I will be praying.

P.S. Do you think we are going to have an early Fall here in Wisconsin? Our leaves are starting to turn already, and have been for a couple of weeks. I am afraid of what this may mean for Winter.

Hope the surgery goes smooth and that you will be feeling good soon! Miss you! Will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers =] hugs

Hi Lois, Just wanted to let you know I will be praying for you. God Bless