Follow-Up News

For those people who are not “friends” yet but have been following what has been happening to me for the last year, I have great news:

My right foot is healed!! I don’t even need a bandage on it; although I do like to have a couple of 4x4s under the Tubigrip just for padding.

I still need lots of prayers and good thoughts.


That’s great news Lois! My thoughts and prayers are with you, always =)

Congratulations, That must give you some great piece of mind and comfort. Thanks for the update.

Really good news Lois!!

Great!!! Now you can go out dancin’!! lol. I wish you the best, you deserve it. xo

this is fantastic! keep up the good work, Lois, and we’ll bounce some more healing thoughts around here (can you send a few my way?)

Fantastic …will continue with sending you good mantra …

Lois this is wonderful news. Good to share this with all diabetics. Take care of your feet. Be aware of any changes!

I just thought I’d also give you some good news too if you don’t mind. My sister is going to get her prosthetic this Fri. & they told her she will begin to take her first steps since Sept.2008 next week.

Please keep her in your prayers always. We don’t want anything to happen to her left leg. Prayers can heal as you know Lois. I won’t forget you please don’t forget her.
Take care!

Opening up a bottle of champagne! Fabulous. So happy to hear your good news. Sure took a while & what an ordeal, but you did it!

Hope the weather’s decent so you can take some walks & get out of the house.

Oh Lois, that’s wonderful. I know this has been a long challenging journey for you. Yours is the victory!!


HI! Honey, I will have to have the left foot healed before I trip the light fantastic! One down, one moe to go!!



Sure, Marie. But what is wrong? Nothing serious, I hope.


I’ll try really hard. Sometimes I’m so focused on my own problems that I forget others. They call that "ingrown eyeballs."


I’m not ready for the walks yet. In fact, I’m still “non-weight bearing” on the left foot. Get out of the house is a good one, though.


You betcha, Kathy. And it’s only half over, though. The left foot is still pretty big.


Lois …You have HUMOR in your blood ; forget about glucose …( not really) …never heard this expression …love , N.

Sorry, in my excitement I forgot about the left foot. Soon, though!