DM1 and MS

Has anyone with type 1 been diagnosed with MS? I am in the process right now of having testing done with possible ms due to findings on a cervical MRI. I have read recently that DM1 may put people at a higher risk of developing MS.

it's not a large group here, but please join it

Type 1 diabetes is autoimmune. So is MS. And it's solidly established that having one autoimmune condition puts the individual at greater risk for others. So it's entirely possible. Testing is the only way to know, and you're doing that.

I will as soon as I have an official dx. Two mri's with contrast next week and follow up on the 6th will hopfly shed more light. I have read it can be quite a long process to get a DX. This limbo thing sure is tough though. DM1 I remember was one appontment lol.

Also, please be sure you have been checked for Lyme Disease. It mimics MS symptoms. I am sure your doctors have checked…but depending where you live, sometimes they skip this step. You are in my thoughts.

Hi Shean, Sorry you are in limbo. If you haven't found them, the links are for some forums for information on diagnosis, treatments and living with ms. From what I have read people say it is really difficult to diagnose. I was having some ms "like" symptoms before I was diagnosed with type 1. I also had some tremors at some point and had an mri and other tests to rule out anything serious which showed a white spot from chronic migraines.

Researchers created a map of associations between different autoimmune conditions. I blogged about it here. Best wishes, Holger