Do you believe a cure for diabetes will ever be found?


I don’t believe we will see a cure in the lifetime of anybody that will live to read this, but one thing that I do believe may be within our (or maybe I should say our descendant’s) lives would be something to prevent them from getting this autoimmune disease. If we can figure out how to prevent our (or maybe I should say their) bodies from destroying their pancreas, maybe it would make treatment simpler, or if it were to cause “alternative” conditions or problems, maybe those conditions would be easier to treat.


Big Pharm does not like cures. Very little money for them when a cure is found for a disease.


Nonsense, the company finding the cure could charge a lot and bankrupt all competitors, because everything they sell would become useless.


This is absolutely, completely wrong, although it’s not an uncommon misunderstanding. All of the real science on Type 2 indicates that it has genetic and environmental factors that are necessary in order to develop the physiological dysfunction. Those genetic and environmental factors predate the development of any eating or metabolic disorder (which is what you’re actually suggesting as a root cause). That eating and metabolic dysfunction is associated with Type 2 is undoubtedly true. That part of successful treatment of Type 2 is a change in diet and exercise for most patients is also undoubtedly true. But pinning Type 2 solely on lifestyle is absurd.


Diabetes could be as many at 25 different diseases with hyperglyceamia common to them. So some of them could be cured. Predicting the future is a fine art.


SAY WHAAAAT??? You can’t be serious. I see someone else already called you out on another comment you made in the same post. I’ll let others rebutt your other erroneous statements.


Dx in 1959 and no doctor has ever told me that a cure might happen in my lifetime. I don’t worry about it. Yes, a cure would be nice, but I am doing ok. I was suppose to die at an early age, and two type 1 children of friends died while I was a kid, but I am still around at almost 70 and don’t plan on dying any time soon.

I do get tired of being a diabetic, but I am ok. I would rather have been diabetes free, but that didn’t happen.
I feel very bad for all those who have died before they grew old usually from reasons that could have been controlled. Probably the two young people, who died recently because they couldn’t afford insulin, bothers me the most.


hi everyone … in my opinion … t2 diabetes is not a disease … nor a chronic one at that … nor is it hereditary … t2 diabetes is a metabolic imbalance in the body caused in part by lifestyle … but mostly by what u eat

no drugs can lower or reversae t2 diabetes … it can only ‘regulate’ or ‘control’ the excess glucose present in the bloodstream … i.e the readings u see when u do a prick test … drugs do not lower or remove glucose from your blood or your body …

I have come to these conclusions after extensively reading about how and why t2 diabetes is effectively reversed after one undergoes GBS (Gastric Bypass Surgery ) PLEASE NOTE :- I HAVE NOT UNDERGONE GBS - nor do I advocate GBS to treat … reverse or cure t2 diabetes

I connected the dots … I figured out how GBS effects the reversal of t2 diabetes … and I was truly amazed that it is so excruciatingly simple to reverse t2 diabetes … so much so … that at first I refused to believe it … but as I was a diabetic at that time … i had nothhing to lose … so I implemented or executed my findings upon myself … long story short … I successfully reversed my diabetes … my latest A1c reading as at 06 feb 2019 is at 5.8 … after all my excesses during the past festive/holiday period my A1c went up by 0.5 points from 5.3 as at 5 nov 2018 … (see attached docs) … I will endeavour to lower my A1c from 5.8 to lower than 5 within the next 14 days …

subject 2 … who was a diabetic for 14 yrs … reversed his diabetes in less than 53 days … after he implemented my reverse diabetes protocol … but his doctor told him he was still a diabetic … even though his numbers said otherwise … (see attached docs) … his doc is prescribing experimental medication to his patients … there is more to this story/ event …

subject 3 … male started my reverse diabetes protocol on the 2nd of january 2019 his A1c was at 9.7 … i asked him to do readings every 7days … his reading this mornings was 7.0 … exactly 39 days … (see attached docs)

in my earliest blogs in late 2016 i stressed that t2 diabetes can easily be reversed in less than 30 days … after perusing the attached docs … u can clearly see that subject 3 could’ve reversed his diabetes in about 21 days … had he stuck stringently to the protocols I put before him in the reverse diabetes program … btw - his doc … when asked if t2 diabetes can be reversed/cured … ‘NO’ was his emphatic and final answer …

YOU the reader can make up your own mind as to what to believe … a few more people have asked to see me this weekend … time will tell … enjoy peeps … life is good …


Forums are great for difference of opinions.

I personally do not believe as @chjaqqa does but that also is my choice.

I am a bit concerned about the apparent posting of personal health information even if names have been removed without any obvious appearance of consent. I personally would be horrified to find my own or my families health information published even if our names were removed. But I also understand my ideas of privacy may fall on the extreme end of a spectrum and perhaps are not considered reasonable.

Anyway - just to make sure.
Ping to make sure no forum policies are violated in terms of the posting of the medical information without regard to the personal opinions of the poster?


hi … i have been given full permission to post their lab test results … thank u


No because there is too much money to be made off diabetes.


Actually, I don’t see any evidence of reversed T2D. Relatively well-controlled T2D maybe, but still some of the T1D folks here have better A1cs than subject 2 and 3 or even yourself.

So during the holiday season your A1c goes up as a result of elevated BG levels, presumably because you ate more carbs, and now you’re reducing your carb intake to lower your A1c. In other words, you have diabetes .


AGREED! Heck, I have no endogenous insulin (ie, I’m a Type 1 and therefore can’t get disability thru the VA for Agent Orange exposure–believe me, I’ve tried) , diabetic since before 1978 and my latest A1c was 5.4.


I don’t believe for a second that there is currently a way to reverse diabetes with or without medication. There are certainly ways now and always have been to reduce blood glucose levels and A1C levels without medication for certain diabetics, by using exercise, no/low carb diet etc. to achieve those results but in no way has diabetes been reversed. Unfortunately, sales people often want to embellish their claims by using hyperbole, alternative facts, moving goal posts, comparing apples to oranges, lots of qualifications, and other tactics which they view as a semantic variation of what most people would consider an untruth to make their claim.

If the title of products, articles, claims, and other items people are trying to peddle were like “Improve control of your diabetes without medications” or “Dramatically reduce your A1C without medications” or similar titles, I think most of these people would be taken seriously. An ephemeral drop in A1C is not = to a reversal of diabetes.

When I was in my teens, I could eat a large pizza at a local pizza shop as a snack and my weight back then was around 115lbs-120lbs as a 5ft 9in. male and my blood sugar was totally normal. 55 years later and 10-15 lbs. heavier, a 2 inch square of that same pizza would require a few units of insulin to keep my blood glucose in an acceptable range. I still love pizza and would love to go back to the local pizza shop and enjoy just 2-3 slices of their out of this world pizza. In the meantime, I am stuck eating low carb homemade pizza which is just never quite the same.

Please make my day, my year and decade by showing me how I can reverse my diabetes so I can eat as I was eating before being diagnosed almost 30 years ago. In the meantime, I will just have to continue to keep my A1C between 6 and 6.1 which is where my endo wants to see it by exercising, restricting carbohydrates and taking insulin.