D Friends,

It is the first week of Fall. The leaves are changing, the temp is changing and it is the beginning of the Cold and Flu Season. Grrrrr!

This pass week a cold, upper respitory infection or the Flu hit me. It slammed down hard. Three days before I notice my BS swinging up for no good reason. Them Bam! All I can due is take Tylenol for the fever and caulk up new antiboties to fight it off next time. I have been very lucky. I have not been sick with the cold or flu in over three years.

So D friends do you get a FLU SHOT every year?

No I don’t b/c after I take it for like 3 days I feel as if I have the Flu and my bg goes everywhere. Took 2 I think I won’t try it again

I get one every year and I make sure my 3 kids do too. So far, knock wood, so good. Last time I had the flu was 1994, 2 years before I was diagnosed with type 1. The flu experience was miserable, I wanted to die

I have never had a flu shot before and I don’t think I want to do this. I wonder how having all these shots for stuff is bad for the body - like the way people often question vaccines.

When I start to feel “fluish”, at first sign, I start drinking some Emergen-C and it wards off it turning in to a full blown flu. It has worked for me well in the past few years since a friend told me about it.

I did this yesterday and it was very cold out today and so far I feel OK and I hasn’t progress. I will take it again tonight. :slight_smile:

i get it but ive heard bad things about it… like people getting sick from it and not flu sick we are talking permanently with some diseases… correct if im wrong anyone!

I get it every year and have never gotten sick from it. And I’m going to get it this year. With 2 young children in the house, there’s no way I’m going to skip it.

I do get flu shots every year…the weather where I am is kinda extreme…with traveling, a weak set of lungs, and bad allergies with many drugs…my doctor says I need it. Dont know if its working but I haven’t had the flu for 9 years now… =)

I don’t get flu shots.

I definitely get them because I hate being sick. I’ve never had a reaction to them, or been even achy afterwards. I would rather have that achiness for a couple of days than the flu for a week. I work with little kids sometimes, and there is nothing worse than kids to make you find the smallest of germs. Don’t forget to buy lots of hand sanitizer and kleenex either.

I hadn’t had a flu shot until 2004(unless when I was a Kid) since I almost kicked off from a BAAAAAD flu in 2003, a couple months after my older Brother died. We had to cut our vacation short. I honestly don’t know how I made it past that flu. Haven’t had a flu since. I got my shot last Fall and will probably get it this year. I’ve been on immunosuppressant medications for about 20 years, so that’s one Good reason along with others, to get the flu shot.

Of course.

Is it a recommendation that diabetics get a flu shot? This will be my first fall/winter as one (and I hate the cold). I did have something that was like the flu last fall before I was dx but I made it through.

Is there a particular danger for diabetes to get the flu? or to get colds?

Yep it’s recomended to get it.
The danger lyes in not being able to eat and throwing up what you do. BG goes wilf during that time. (Sorry but mine did years ago I also was 7 months pg with my youngest daughter and I blame the Flue on me having her so early you know the throwing up and the stain on my tummy. OK I KNOW THAT PROBABLY HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT BUT LET ME LIVE THIS FANTANCY LOL)

Complications of flu kill people every year. I need to get my shot, just haven’t done it yet.

People who are NOT diabetic can die from the flu too though. So with diabetics the danger is more in having high (or too low) BG sugars while having the flu - not that we are at an increased risk of dying from it? Is that correct?

My ex thinks I had the swine flu that last time because it was right before the whole thing came out but I honestly have no idea who I would have gotten it from since I was unemployed and stay at home most of the time. Although he was slightly sick before I got it. I was able to eat and drink just fine - I don’t think I threw up much of anything - I just felt achey than chilley and down right crappy and stayed in bed for days.

My son has T1D and he is only 20 months old. We do get him the flu shot and did this even before the diagnosis. My husband and I will both get it and we will also encourage our close family to get it.

KimKat - You may have had the swine flu. You can get it from anyone even if you don’t work, you still go outside, to the store, mall…wherever…also your ex may of brought it home to you and it just hit you harder than it hit him.

Daibetics need to be even more careful when it comes to colds/sickenesses. Get your flu shot!!! :slight_smile:

I have gotten a flu shot since I was dx’ed w/D. I have never had any reaction to it. I never had the flu before I was dx’ed, and didn’t get the shot. Being older, I am in a high risk group of people. I’ll get one this year, too.

Hmmm, I guess I did pretty well getting rid of it on my own than! :slight_smile: And this was a few months before I was diagnosed with d - so if I can get rid of swine flu with no help, regular flu should be no different. (if I ever get it, that was the first time I had been sick in years).

Yeah, my husband was the same way. He got the swine flu and never went to the doctors - just stayed in bed for 2 days feeling like crap!! Get the shot so you can prevent getting it and also spreading to others!! Last year my son got the H1N1 vaccine but we did not. We only got the regular flu shot. This year the flu shot includes the H1N1 so it’ll be much easier to go for just one shot!