Donate insulin?

Hi Everyone,
I have just gotten 2 new Insulin pens that use cartridges and have 8 -10 boxes left in my fridge of Apidra and Lantus disposable pens. I can't stand throwing away all that insulin when so many people in the world cannot afford to buy it. Does anyone know if there is anywhere to donate to? I know there is Insulin for Life in Australia, but as far as I can see they only except money donations. I would be happy to pay to send it anywhere in the world (if I am allowed). Does anybody know? The Apidra expires March 2011 and the Lantus April, 2012.


I’m afraid the TuD terms of use doesn’t allow the exchange/sale/giveaway of prescription items.

Check out Sanofi-aventis Patient Assistance Program for help with Apidra.

My endo accepts unused, unexpired and properly marked medications and redistributes them to patients, maybe yours does as well.

Does that violate the TOS?

Nope, donating supplies to a doctor, hospital, medical clinic or organization for redistribution doesn’t violate TOS. Members exchanging, giving away or selling prescription items to each other, or advertising they have items available for sale, exchange or free is in violation of Terms of Service. Seeking suggestions of where to donate prescription items is fine also.