Is it possible to return unused supplies?

So I find myself with a few months’ worth of infusion sets and reservoirs that I no longer need, because I am switching insulin pump companies. Is it possible to return them to the company for a refund, boxes unopened, or impossible because they are health-care items? I’ve never encountered this before and didn’t see much about this with a quick search. Thanks!

I imagine it could be different for each company. Your best bet is to call their customer service and ask them directly.

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Thanks. I’ve emailed. Customer service on the phone is not the same now that the pandemic is here. Fingers crossed.

They won’t not take them unless you they shopped and you immediately sent them back. Even when infusion sets have an expiration date ■■■■■ is really just a scam as ive Used em way passed the date. You can sell them on eBay or amazon. . Or you can give them to people who can’t afford them. It’s technically not allowed but it’s done all the time.

You won’t find much online because prescription items can not be legally sold to or given away to another person. Some organizations such as CR3 will accept certain items. I have donated items to local diabetes camps, and the staff (medical) can provide to those in need.

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Thanks :slight_smile:

Thank you

You might ask your Endo or even your county health office if they want them, too. They’re going to know who the needy ones are, and have the medical staff to make the gifting legal.

Thanks Robyn_H
I will being this up at my next apppointment.

Some of the endos won’t take stuff to give out because it can get touchy. I know a DE that will take stuff from her patients to give to people in need though. My last endo would have monthly meetings and would tell everyone to put stuff they don’t want or have extra stuff on a table in back. But she wouldn’t actually tell anyone to take the stuff. That kept her out of the actual disbursement of it.

Now with covid it might be even more of an issue. When I changed from Lantus I asked my friends if they knew anyone that used insulin to ask around and ended up giving it to a friend that knew someone down the street that used Lantus…

Good points. Sticky situation :frowning:

My CDE gave me some things when I was in real need, and in turn I have given her some things to share with other s. They wont even take a vacuum cleaner back right now that we didnt like! Medical supplies probably wont fly?!?


So I asked someone at the local diabetes educ. place and they said they could accept the supplies for use with practising. I will just leave them in the closet and forget about them. Th anks for the replies everyone!

I donated sensors, inserters and a transmitter to a local diabetes organization when I changed to Dexcom CGM. Their website didn’t list CGM, but when I called they said they would take it.


Why would you just leave them in the closet if others have said they would take them? I called the “free clinic” in town when I switched to a new pump system, and they gladly took what I had “left over” from the old system. They also took unopened medications. Don’t just let it sit if someone else can use it.

The clinic person I spoke with said they would not be donated to someone in need. She said they would be used as practice pieces. I would rather leave them in the closet and find someone on my own to donate them to, who will use them as they were intended. I don’t fancy giving them to nurses to play with when the clinic days are slow.

I agree. I have no idea where you live, but don’t give up. If your public health clinic in town won’t accept them, branch out to other cities or free clinics. I have to believe that someone wants them to give to those in need.

I know Integrated Diabetes (Gary Scheiner) uses old/outdated/expired supplies like the “red case” Glucagon to teach people how to prepare it for use when someone is low. So, Integrated Diabetes may know of a source for you to be able to donate the (still good and usable) supplies, to be used as intended:

I was clearing out my diabetes stuff and I found a few boxes of enlite sensors from2017. That’s on top of the 2 good ones. I’m going to drop at the homeless shelter. They said they can use them however I’m not sure I want 3 year old sensors in me, maybe they still work

that’s great!