Dreamfield Spaghetti, I tried it

Ok, I read the forum about Dreamfield Pasta, I was curious. I went to Alberton’s and purchased the spaghetti. Let me start by saying that my Scott (husband) makes some MEAN spaghetti!..ok, back on the topic…I watched Scott boil his Wheat Angel Hair Pasta; I wish I could indulge. I boiled some water, put a little salt and I can’t Believe It’s Not Butter in the pan. I took 25 dried Dreamfield pasta noodles, broke it in half and I cooked them to perfection; I cooked a half. I gave myself 2.90 units of insulin. I gave myself 40% of it and 2 hrs later I told my PDM to release the other 60%; I owe Kristin (tudiabetes) a BIG HUGfor telling me about extending my bolus. I checked my Bg’s 2 hrs after I ate my DREAMFIELD SPAGHETTI and it was a whooping 116 and 1 hour later it was 90! OMG! I couldn’t believe it. I knew the real test would be my fasting bg’s. I woke up this morning and I was sitting at 100; usually I am about 85-99. So my fellow Diabetic Buddies I would give Dreamfield Pasta 10 out of 10!!!

I think it’s the Next Best thing since SLICE BREAD, Color TV’s and Splenda…

Your DB,

Ps- Sorry about my grammer, it’s lacking in this Blog!!!

I love pasta. I can’t wait until there’s Dreamfield pasta in Australia. :slight_smile:

You were able to buy it at Albertson’s? We live in Albertsons headquarters town and I don’t think they carry it yet, unless they just started? I have wanted to try it. Right now I’ve been using the Ronzoni Smart Taste when we do make pasta.

If your store doesn’t have it, put in a request with the store manager. I have also found it at Wal-Mart (of all places) and our Wal-Mart isn’t even a “super center”. You may also have luck finding it at a health food store, although it may cost more. You can even go to and buy online!

hmm… I added the link but it didn’t show up lol! Dreamfields Pasta

I think they have been carrying it for a while. I went to www.dreamfieldpasta.com you can order it online and see what stores carry it