Dry skin and hair help

Does anyone have any help for dry skin and hair

Cetaphil does a good range of moisturisers.

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Cetaphil is remarkable. I use both the cream and soap (no it’s not really soap) but is great for cleaning and helps a lot with dry skin.

Forgot to mention Cetaphil also does a shampoo and conditioner. Also other eczema ranges do moisturisers and shampoos.

I am dealing with dry, irritated, itchy, inflamed skin right now and everyone I’ve talked to has recommended Cetaphil products. My doctor has also prescribed steroid cream and a steroid shampoo to use, and recommends that I use Head and Shoulders Itchy Scalp shampoo and frequent moisturizers and minimize washing my hands to only after using the washroom and before eating. Unfortunately, in my case all of these measures have made little to no difference and my skin issues have persisted for well over a year, so I have a referral to a dermatologist in the works to figure out if I have eczema, psoriasis, an allergy, or something else. I can’t wait, because the itching over half my body drives me nuts!! I hope that Cetaphil works for you!

If this is the pyrinthone zinc variety, I have had nothing but problems with it-- and not for lack of trying. I’d steer clear… although it must work for some people or it wouldn’t be so popular. It causes an instant reaction with me, and im not a sensitive skin kinda guy. I do just fine with the selenium sulfide head n shoulders or any other brand

Yeah, it hasn’t worked that well for me, either (but then again, nothing has thus far). I’ve actually stopped using it because it’s expensive and didn’t seem to be helping. The Head and Shoulders shampoo, along with most others, makes my skin burn where it touches and my eyes seem to get really irritated (very itchy and even swell up) and sometimes I feel a bit wheezy, so I’m thinking I might be allergic to some chemical or something else that’s common in these types of products (moisturizers, shampooos, even toothpastes), but so far I have not been able to figure out what and so it’s just been randomly buying products and seeing if they seem to cause even more irritation. But the fact that steroid creams and shampoos have also not cleared up the problem makes me suspicious that something else might be going on (like psoriasis, which is another autoimmune disease so would not surprise me). In either case, I will just be happy for something to give me some relief from the irritation. It’s so bad that it interferes with sleep and work at times.

I found if you get your BG is normal range for 3-4 years, the dry scaly skin on feet, lower legs, arms and head skin comes good…I’m bald but I guess the hair shaft oils would come good too. The vascular/nerve damage can repair itself.

For the skin I use neutrogena body oil (sesame oil) just after my towel dry out of the shower, then I have a little bottle of argon oil I use after hand washing. Do you have a usual hair dresser? Mine has had a great deal of experience with commercial shampoos and geezerly folk like me - worked with me thru my Hasimotos diagnosis (you have been tested for thyroid performance?). I do know someone in the throws of a psoriasis flare caused by an allergic reaction to medication. He spends an hour in the morning debrading the excess skin on his arms so he can move without restriction. Debrading seems to be an important part of the control process for the excess skin - maybe a good loofa scrub in the shower?

Thanks for the tips.I’m not sure if the diabetes is making my hair so dry but didn’t have hair and skin problems until I was diagnosed with type2.I am still feeling my way through this.

Yeah this time of year most of us are dealing with dry skin & hair issues just from home heating and the weather. One other tip, no really hot water for the shower! Yep that means the hot tub is out too…sorry :smiley:

Each of us is different but when I notice more dry skin/ hair issues than usual it’s time to have my Thyroid levels checked. At my last Endo appointment I mentioned this very issue. And wouldn’t you know it the tests showed my TSH was 7.4 (I feel best when it’s around 2 - 2.5). She adjusted my medication and I’m starting to feel MUCH better (and hair and skin are getting back to normal).

Any chance this could be a drug side effect? Or a thyroid issue. I hope you are getting relief. Nancy

It depends on what the source of your dandruff is too… if it’s just mild flaky dry skin different things may work for you than if it’s a chronic fungal issue or psoriasis or some other issue… I think my long history with dandruff has a fungal component to it… ketoconozole (Nizoral) based shampoo knocks it out rapidly and selenium sulfide by and large keeps it under control for stretches as a time…

I don’t really use skin moisturizers often because I’m a dude… but when my hands get dry and chapped I like lubriderm or generic equivalent because it’s less greasy. My podiatrist recommended cetaphil ointment (she emphasized it needs to be"ointment") for my feet. I bought some generic equivalent but haven’t really gotten around to using it

don’t worry about the dude thing , I use pantene shampoo and conditioner all in one and have no dry scalp issues (not yet anyways) , and dove men + care soap bar it a moisturizer , and Aveno moisturizer , and have no real problems with itchiness and been a t2 for 2 yrs now and still figuring it out good luck

My fave, also!

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Hi Melissa, I’ve always had slightly dry skin but when I got T2 it really went to heck. I like Gold Bond Diabetics Skin Relief. Am trying to also repair through diet, but just getting started on that journey.

You should also be able to get Cetaphil conditioner.