Forgot to bolus, ugh!

It's not often I completely forget to bolus, but I did for dinner today.

Actually, I did try, but my pump was too low on insulin to let me do it. I figured I'd eat dinner and do it later (never a good thing to do!).

By the time I was done dinner, I'd totally forgotten about it, and was super tired so went to lie down for a few minutes.

Well, a few minutes ended up being two hours! So I tested about three hours after dinner at 22.5 (405 mg/dl). Ugh!

Needless to say, I am feeling really thirsty and "blah" at the moment (plus my allergies are horrible, which just makes me feel double "blah")! Hoping it comes down soon.

I still do that once in a great while. I hate how I feel afterwards.

Try to memorize how you feel now and conjure it up the next time you think, "I'll bolus later", eh?

At least set an alarm for :15 minutes if you want to eat a few bites while it's still piping hot?

The last time I did this I was watching a movie while cooking (going back and forth) and forgot to bolus. Gah. Not good.

I hope you’ve recovered!

Took a few hours to come down, but I woke up this morning at 128 (had a really good sleep, too!).