Forgot to Bolus and feeling kinda dumb about it

The tital pretty much sums it up. I ate dinner around 7:30 then at aprox. 9:45 I thought about it that my pumps 2 hour bg reminder should maybe have already gone or be going off around then. I checked my pump and saw there was no bolus given at dinner time and tested at once. A reading of 416 confirmed it. I had forgotted to bolus. I most times wait till after I ate so I know better how much I ate but just totally forgot to do it tonight. I’m feeling kinda dumb about it all even though my family said it was just a mistake that I can learn from so I was just wondering if anyone else ever did this or if its just me?

I have done it. a few times actually, the first time I did it was when I ate popcorn once. another time it was when I had breakfast.

the time I forgot to bolus for the popcorn, when I did finally check my blood It read HI. I was so shocked that I immediately took like 10 units of insulin via a syringe. then kept a close eye on my numbers. after 2 hours it went down to 200 something.

the time I forgot to bolus for breakfast I checked 2 hours later and it was only 290 something. I was lucky that time.

many of us have done it–and some of us (she sheepishly grins) have done it more than a few times…my biggest time to miss is lun ch at work–very easy to get distracted :frowning:

Oh yes…I have done it quite a few times. Sometimes you just forget…Human. :slight_smile:

Been there. Also forgot to take my bedtime Levemir a couple of times–oops. You’re not alone in forgetting & feeling dumb about it.

Your family’s right. Just a mistake & move forward.

Don’t beat yourself up Leanna, I’ve done it (quite alot :oS) Life gets in the way sometimes, brain fog… distractions. So easily done x x x

I used to do this ALLLLL the time. I’ve gotten a lot better, now it’s just eeevery once in a while. Don’t feel too bad about it. Sometimes our brains must just say, “NOPE I’m not going to be a pancreas right now, I need a break!”

Thanks everyone :slight_smile: Hearing from other that did the same thing helps alot :slight_smile:

Yeah, it’s just you.

No, I’m kidding. Of course, I’ve done it. More than once. It happens because we’re hungry or in a hurry or distracted in some way. Sometimes we think we DID give a bolus but . . . no.

So just use it as a lesson and a reminder for your next bolus.


P.S. No, really, it never happened to anyone else.
P.P.S. Kidding again.

I have been there and done that. It is so easy to forget at times. Don’t beat yourself up. It happens to the best of us. I have forgotten at all meal sittings, so I don’t have one time frame that I usually forget. It is called life’s distractions.

Thanks you guys :slight_smile: Glad to hear I’m not alone!!!