Forgot to Bolus and feeling kinda dumb about it

The tital pretty much sums it up. I ate dinner around 7:30 then at aprox. 9:45 I thought about it that my pumps 2 hour bg reminder should maybe have already gone or be going off around then. I checked my pump and saw there was no bolus given at dinner time and tested at once. A reading of 416 confirmed it. I had forgotted to bolus. I most times wait till after I ate so I know better how much I ate but just totally forgot to do it tonight. I’m feeling kinda dumb about it all even though my family said it was just a mistake that I can learn from so I was just wondering if anyone else ever did this or if its just me?

I have been there , done that …even before pumping …cause I get side tracked and have to keep reminding myself : stay focussed . …please forgive YOU

Been there, done that too. Don’t feel stupid. Compared to the number of time that you DO remember to bolus, this is pretty rare. I have several times counted my carbs precisely and then sat down and started eating (without giving the bolus). So it’s not even that i forgot about diabetes, but just forgot to bolus.

My husband often asks me if I gave insulin when we are eating. At first, I found this kind of annoying because OF COURSE I gave insulin. But a few times I forgot and realized that the question is a good one.

Hope that you came down nicely from this high. For me unexplained highs are more troubling that when I know why I am high. This one you can explain :slight_smile:

Thanks you two :slight_smile: Kristen yes I did come down quite a bit over night:) Nel I did also forget to give a shot before pumping but remembered much sooner then this time. Thanks for the support!!