Durable Medical Supplies

I’m familiar with Edgepark, Byrum, CCS, & Diabetes Management. Can anyone recommend any other durable medical supplies companies?

Homelink. I get Omnipod pump and Dex sensors through them. https://www.vgmhomelink.com/services/dmepos/

Often it depends on who your insurance company is set up with.

Some employers have website that list providers they accept.

Also some deal directly with dexcom, Medtronics, etc.

I get my Medtronic supplies directly from Medtronic. Less expensive than CCS.

My wife uses CCS for tubing and cylinders and Edwards for Libre

Both have been excellent and hassle free


I get my Dexcom supplies through US Med due to my insurer not working directly with Dexcom. https://www.usmed.com/