E Z Manager Features

Hi All,

I was wondering if someone could answer some questions on the E Z Manger features.

There is a page that shows five tabs. One of the tabs is Download / Upload and the other tabs are Reports, Logs, Settings, and Custom Composer.

On the Download / Upload Tab there are 5 picture boxes. One is Download Pump Data and one is Download Meter data. I have successfully used them both to download my pump and meter but I am wondering about the other picture boxes -

Configure Settings, Configure Food Data base and Configure Pump Tunes.

Can anyone tell me what these do and does configure pump tunes allow for upoading music to act as an alarm or something like that.

Now when I have used Download Pump Data and Download Meter Data I have had to select the pump or meter I was using and the correct port.

Do I need to do something like that the Configue settings, configure food data base and configure pump tunes.

Your help would be appreciated.

I am also somewhat mystified by the ability - or inability - of the tunes. I did some googling and found that the tunes that exist must be proprietary. But perhaps I had the naive impression that I could upload my own tunes or “ringtones” of sorts to be the alerts as opposed to the proprietary and very lame (i.e. Happy Birthday, Camptown Races etc.) selection available. If I can’t figure something out here, I guess I have 2 choices available - change to vibrate (more batteries), and/or create a couple of tones. I’d really hate for my pump to start playing Beethoven’s 5th (duh duh duh DUUHHH) in the middle of a impromptu business meeting to warn of a low cartridge!! sheesh. I’d be interested in hearing from others as well. If anyone has ideas on this I’d also appreciate hearing it.

Configure settings allow syou to adjust some of your basal and insulin carb ratios via ezManager. I do not us ethis - just do it on the pump.

Configure tunes only allows you to create your own tune as an alternate to one of the included tunes. Problem is you have to key in the tunes, not upload them and you only have X number of bars you can enter. I have had my pump spound off an alarm during business meetings. Most folks know I am diabetic and have a pum and do not mind. Those that don’t - ask me and then never bother me about it the next time. Has not been a big deal for me, but for others it might be a problem. You just need to always check your pump to see what alarms might go off before you enter the meeting.

Configure food database - allows you to remove from the pump food database those foods you do not eat and add items not in the database that are frequently in your diet. Then these changes get transferred to your pump.

Camptown Races - I would rather hear the chimes. I was thinking the same thing initially Jamie - that I could just upload a “ringtones” kind of sounds to personalize the pump more. I am sure there are pumpers that can compose music but I would bet the vast majority of us do not - would like to get my hands on the Animas guy that thought that one up. I would rather have it do something else if you can’t do a ringtone type sound like maybe some voices like TomTom or some other navigation device. Even a small address book with the name and numbers of endo etc would be more helpful. Well on the positive side its one less thing to down/upload. Beethoven - at least they could have put something else on - there has to be something that is better that is not proprietary - Scott Joplin - the Entertainer would be good but that is probably also proprietary to the estate or something.

HEY TOM: How do you configure the food data base. When I opened EZ Manager it only allowed me to choose the meter and not the pump. IS that the way it works - off the meter.
I would love to hear ideas from anyone also.

Sorry, I forget. Sorry. But I do remember reading a section in the ezManager handbook that describes what to do. As I recall, it was rather cumbersome - but did work. I do advise making a copy of the food database before you start. I didn’t and had to contact Animas and ezManager support for the instructions. I just went to the ezManager web site and sent them an email. Got a response in less than a day.

i need help !!! EZManagerMax
won’t let me enter multiple basal times, it only allows 1 time entery for 12:00am and won’t accept a 2nd time entry, anyone know how to fix it? OK, I found I could add them in the pump and then upload the settings, it worked then.

Well went thru everything with Animas about the pump not found message on screen. They sent a new dongle which arrived today - we verified the port # etc. They are sending a new pump. I have been able to download pump before but it stopped working. Anyone have any idea what the pump might have stopped doing that a new one would. Just curious.

Hi Keith, I just tried to download my PING Pump and I keep getting the message that it can’t find the pump. I cleaned the IR ports and repositioned the pump against the dongle several times and still the same message. When I connected the dongle to my computer the green light comes on and then goes off which is the way it is suppose to happen. I don’t know what else to check or to try. When I called Animas Tech Support, no one for Software problems was avaiable. Have to try again tomorrow, Monday.
Does or has anyone else had a problem with downloading Pump data???

I have seen several posts here in other threads about this same problem. This was happening to me with my first Ping which I got back in January (a recent model). In my case, they ended up replacing the pump. EZ Manager could not find my pump on my computer AND the pump educator had the same problem as well. Up until my appointment with her, I was sure it was something I was doing. Her computer had no trouble seeing others’ pumps, so obviously it was my pump - not the dongle or the software. I know others have found solutions by jumping through some e-hoops (installing/reinstalling, etc), so I’m not sure if there are other glitches with it.

I’d really like to see them get their act together as far as communications between software and hardware. Not to state the obvious, but it’s supposed to help us, not be a hindrance. Fighting with my computer is not my idea of an improvement. Anyway, the new pump seemed to help my situation anyway.

I ended up going thru everything with tech support - getting a new dongle and finally a new pump. THe new pump work and everything downloads fine. I totally agree - I wish they could figure it out. ITs so easy to download the meter and I understand why they can not do that with the pump but do something to make it easier.

We just got the Ping for our daughter but in Canada we don’t get the Master Food Database (MFDB) loaded in the device. Can I get you to please get a file of the MFDB and email it to me so I can import it into our Ping?
I’m thinking if you don’t see the file easily you can go into the EZmanager software and create a new list of foods and add every item from the MFDB and save it as “forLiam” then look for the file in C:\Program Files\EZ Manager\My files.
If you don’t mind sending that to me, it would be greatly appreciated.
I can’t get Animas to send me a copy - they say they are not licensed to provide it in Canada.

to get it to run on Windows 7, I went to actisys.com and downloaded a new driver specifically for the 7 operating system. It works fine now.

hey liam,

being north of border, i too have been made aware that i am more than welcome to “create” my own food db. If only I had the time… Should one of our lovely neighbors to the south send it to you, could you please pass it on.


glen…2 weeks on “the ping” and so far so good(except testing every night @2:30 am)

I’ll let know if I get it but no luck so far. One person tried but she emailed me the .exe file for the program. I appreciate the effort but it didn’t help. Don’t know if it’s worth the bother as I don’t know if we’ll use the database much anyways.
I emailed an Animas Canada guy who said they didn’t include the DB as it’s too big and they didn’t think anyone would like to scroll through 500 items. I told him that you don’t need to put the whole thing in the meter and you can create a subset. He didn’t seem to know this and then when I asked again for the file he said “no, because it’s not licensed in Canada”. A different reason than previous!
Anyway, Good luck,

I don’t know about anyone else here in Canada, but I’m growing a little weary of excuses like “not licensed in Canada”, which seem to be common, not only for Animas, but in so many other services etc. Funny that Animas was happy to sell me a pump, but they couldn’t go the whole 9 yards by giving us the whole thing, including the datbase. And for heavens sake, a 500 item database of food/carb amts isn’t that big (they need to work on a better story!)

Before I decided on the Ping, my rep admitted that the database wasn’t included, as a “favour”, so we wouldn’t have to scroll through what we didn’t want or need to know, like baby food(!?). Wouldn’t it be nice if their software kept up with the times, and even allowed us each to customize a standard food database to whatever we like which would then allow us to upload.

I think I heard from the same Ping Animas rep who said they didn’t want us to suffer scrolling through 500 items. But this show a massive ignorance of their own software! You don’t have to put all 500 items into the Ping Meter/Remote. You can easily create a subset that skips what you don’t want in your device database. I’m quite amazed that Animas has these people giving out wrong info. Makes you wonder what other wrong info they are sharing.
Anyways, have fun with the iPod Touch. I think the Carb App on that will be better than the 500 item Ping database.

Does anyone know if or when the ezManager Max software for Animas pumps is being updated?

I met with my Diabetes educators a few weeks ago and they'd been shown an updated version of ezManagerMax in January. They didn't know when it was to be launched, but if Animus is demonstrating it now, it should be soon.