Timing out on the pump when downloading to EZ Manager

I have placed the pump in suspend mode but the last time I have tried to download it kept timing out - is there a way to prevent the pump from timing out when downloading.??

Have you had success connecting before or is this the first time?

I’m not sure if I can help at all (due to my own sketchy ability to figure this process out), but knowing this bit might help others help you.

The last few times were fine. I figured out the comm port and used that and it does a bit of time to download. I do set the pump to suspend and press o.k. and it goes to the menu with bolus at the top. I hit the button and it goes thru the look for the pump but then the pump turns off. I have continued to hit the o.k. button but it did not stay on long. I wasn’t sure that once the pump and the IR were talking to each other if that kept the pump on and no timing out but don’t know.
I never got a chance to close EZ manager and try again.

You have to keep hitting the light button or another button to keep the pump “on” in order for the download to be successful. It’s a bit of an annoyance but to not have to hit it as often, go into setup, advanced screen 4 and change your display timeout to the max of 60s.

Hi Keith,

When I am connecting my Ping to the PC and starting a download into EzManager Max, I just press the brightness button every 15 sec or so to keep the pump from going to sleep. Once the pump serial number shows up in the download window, it stays awake until the download is complete.

Hope that helps.

Thanks to everyone for the help. Leanne and Bob your advice was right on. I did change to 60 seconds in advance 4 but apparently there is an issue with the pump or IR device. I have the software loaded on two computers (my home and my laptop) and it could not find the pump on either of these two computer. Just got pump not found. I checked around with different USP ports and found the Comm numbers but it did not work on either computer. I cleaned both the IR and the window behind the pump and nothing. Finally, I did it a few times by placing the pump and IR device in various positions (very many different angles. Still nothing worked.
I wish it was like the meter and I could just plug it in and have it say the familiar PC - that has never failed. At least you should have an options for both methods.
So, tried to call support for EZ manager but they are mon - fri 9-5.
Nothing has changed - the IR device is exactly where it was and it worked 3 days ago at the last download.
So who knows.
I appeciate everyones help.
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try reinstalling the software that came with the IR cable. If that doesn’t work, go to the website identified onthe disk and upload the lastest version of the driver. I converted from VISTA to Windows 7 and got it to work that way.

Hi Dave
Thanks for the hint. I tried reinstalling the software and have come to the conclusion that is a problem with the driver (IR dogle or what ever that is). I went to the website but no help. They did not have a driver that matched up to the one on the CD.
I spent about 2 hours installing and uninstalling etc. I think there is just an issue with Vista that I have seen before. Neither computer is working with the IR cable and the laptop that I rarely use has never been downloaed so I am lost. Can’t figure out this and hope tech support can walk me thru the driver instalation. I would hate to have them send me antoher IR cable - its not that but they will send more software but the softball will be the same. It worked fine 3 days ago.

It happens. one day my meter just wouldn’t download. I trired everything. they sent me a new one and it worked fine. I just write it off to the Bill Gates gremlins at work. Animas was great trying to help though. They’ll walk you through all the steps before sending you new stuff.

Does anyone have a photo or an illustration of how to line the “dongle” up with the spot on the Ping pump so the two can communicate? The EzManager guide says to look at the instructions that came with my dongle (anyone else find that to be a goofy sounding word?), but my dongle didn’t arrive with any instructions. Does it need to be help flush against the pump? Any tips or tricks? (I’m hoping the answer will be so easy and obvious that I’ll feel embarrassed for asking! lol)

First I didn’t know the IR transmitter was a dongle until now. I just called it the IR transmitter.
The picture shows the dongle laying flat (they suggest you don’t put it on a smooth surface because he could move. Probably the easiest way to describe would be to envison you laying the pump on the dongle with the blue window facing the dongle light and the cartridge side facing the dongle cord. THen slide the opposite side of the pump to the surface. What you end up with is the pump laying at a 45 degree angle and the blue window facing the dongle front.

Hi David
You seem like a guy who has worked with the EZ manager software for awhile. Before I call them tomorrow thought I would try a quick trouble shoot with you to get your opinon or anyone else who would care to advise.
I have two computers - a laptop and home computer. I downloaded the EZ manager on both machines. I have never used the laptop to download data but the home computer was working fine up to a few days ago.
When the pump could not find the meter on the home computer (the one I always use to download) I did all the typical things - lined it up differently, downloaded the software again etc on the home computer but NOT the laptop. It seemed everytime I tried on the home computer I would get a different comm port number which did not happen before even though I was using the same USP port. I changed the pump to 60 second time out so the timeout I do not believe was an issue.
When I tried to download to the laptop I got the same meter not found.
So, the laptop software was NOT reinstalled, the home computer was reinstalled and same results. I concluded from that the problem was not software (can’t be sure because I never downloaded pump info to the laptop), or my home computer having issues. so with all things being equal it appears to be a transmitter (dongle issue). The dongle has never moved from its location, gotten damaged etc.
Would welcome your perpective. Oh, the meter works fine.

My first Animas ping had this problem. The software couldn’t find the pump - on 2 computers - mine or diabetic educator’s computer (which of course worked fine with other patients’ pumps). To me that rules out drivers (she didn’t use Vista while I do). When I spoke to Animas, they just replaced the pump (not the dongle or the meter), and the new pump worked fine. I’ve seen several others with similar problems who have posted in other discussions. Although I’m certainly not high end tech, it looks like there could be some hitch in the firmware on the pump, or at least something that’s not working right on the pump. My second pump seems to be working ok.

wish list alert - I wish it had a tried and true USB connection. If waterproofing is the reason for the dongle… I don’t need that (and it’s all about me, is it not?! lol). At the very very least, it should have a firm connection between the dongle and the pump. Balancing the meter on the dongle and twirling in your office chair 3 times while fluttering your eyelashes to make it communicate gives me a headache.

Thank you for the help Jamie. I never thought about the waterproof aspect however I would think the minds of Animas could somehow solve that problem. I run windows vista and have never been happy with that - so many issues like this. Both compuers run Vista. I went to the site specified on the packaging of the dongle Actisys.com /Downloads and it brought to me to a site with just a list of drivers and NO other info as to what driver to look for etc. Very not user friendly. The software driver was listed as ACT-IR224UN-Li-Vista-DriverInstaller but there was nothing on that Actisys site that came close to that driver number. I could not figure out why I would have an issue with the dongle - it is in a nice safe place next to the computer and has stayed untouched except for downloads from the pump. The meter does what it is supposed to do so no issue there.
When they replaced the pump did you have to go back to MDI or did they allow you to send the old pump back after the new one arrived??
I find it odd that it is so hard for the pump to communicate with the dongle. I have a wireless keyboard and mouse that worked right after plugging them in. I even have the transmitter just about buried in a drawer. I wonder if there is a connection to why it is not working - maybe a frequency issue with to transmitters but I don’t care as long as they fix it.
How long were you with the tech support people troubleshooting before they decided to send the new pump.??
I am also interested that you use the 3 office chair twirl - I have tried that but it didn’t work all the time. I now just use the jump up and down and pat my head and rub my tummy Animas method. It takes a bit longer but is about 60% effective. LOL. Up until now of course. hehe
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Once they figured out that it was the pump and not my computer, they arranged to have the pump sent to me. They were out of stock of pings at that time, so they gave me a choice - I could continue to use the pump I had until the new one was in stock or they could send another model, the Animas 2020, until the Ping became available. Because the pump was working fine otherwise, I chose to keep it until the new one arrived. It was about 3 days, they called to say it was in stock, and then it arrived the next day. So no MDI!! (yay!!)… I would not have been a happy camper!

As for troubleshooting, it was a little different for me. All along I had been thinking it was me. But when I went to my DE appointment, same thing for her, and she called tech support while I was sitting in her office, but she got voice mail (she wasn’t happy!). I think because I had never got it to work and it didn’t work for the educator, that told them it wasn’t the software, so it was kind of a moot point. Animas called me at home later in the day to tell me that they were going to make arrangements. Once the new pump arrived a few days later, it came with the packaging to send the old one back to them afterwards, so there was no issue there.

I’ll have to try your Animas method the next time. But I’ve never been good at that kind of coordination.

My biggest regret with a new pump will be the loss of all the data I have on it and having to reset everything again. I do however want to be able to use the EZ manager software.