EZ Manager Tip that is working for me

In the past I have had some issues with the downloading of the pump to the EZ Manager software. After all the initial timeout checks etc I found that the simpliest and easiest thing I have done to make the transfer was to turn my mouse pad over.

The bottom of my mousepad is a very nice non skid surface that is black so no problem with either slippage or light.

The surface holds the dongle and the pump in place really nice.

Simple but extremely effective! Just tried it. Thanks Keith!

some of the things that i have noticed about this( version 2.0.14) software:

  1. it doesn’t remember the last Food database used, you must select it each time you start the program.
  2. it doesn’t remember the settings for which BG Meter Model is in use
  3. It doesn’t remember in Configure Food DB which pump you are using
  4. the documentation talks about loading from the pump, when the Ping doesn’t load from the pump
  5. it often makes you exit and restart the program in order to load something into the pump or remote
  6. it doesn’t have a modal day Graph report, most diabetic programs do
  7. it should have a report that displays in graph form, everything, bg, basal,meal bolus, and correction bolus in one report
  8. When downloading the pump to my computer, i have to depress the ok button and not let it go to sleep, otherwise, i must start over.
    9.I have to have the pump connected as well as the remote when downloading the food database

these are some of the things i have noticed that could be improved, it makes me wonder which type of reports will come into being when the Dexcom is married to the pump.