Edamame Noodles Anyone?

I just bought some Edamame noodles at Costco. The nutrition says 21g of carbs, 10g fiber per serving. Anyone else try these? My wife refuses to eat Shirataki, these could bring back marital harmony. But are they a reasonable noodle alternative?

I’ve tried the same brand, but the black bean noodles…they kinda clump together, but taste fine! I don’t cook them for as long as it says though…just go by feel.

Never seen these.
They look good though unfortunately for me, 21 grams of carbs per serving is a bit much. :disappointed:

Do you subtract fiber? It is 11g net carbs.

I don’t. I never quite understood that concept.
Wouldn’t the fiber just slow down the carb breakdown but not eliminate it, or am I getting this wrong?

Fiber is by definition not directly digestible and doesn’t directly lead to a blood sugar rise. Most “healthcare professionals” tell you that you can subtract fiber and you can get “net carbs.” It is the net carbs that give you the amount of carbs that lead to direct blood sugar rise. Personally I believe that fiber does count, but it is much more complicated. For most purposes I think you can subtract fiber.

Speaking from my own experience, I have seen an effect on my BG from fiber but I’m super sensitive and see an effect on BG from everything I put in my mouth so who knows.

I currently can’t afford a CGM, but I imagine once I get one I’ll be able to detect exactly how fiber affects my levels through a period of time. Gotta love those experiments. :wink:

I do. But I know some people don’t. I know that fiber feeds the gut microbiome but does not metabolize as glucose. If I were to dose based on gross carbs then I would be overdosing. I suppose if people dose based on all the carbs then perhaps it all evens out as they adjust their insulin to carb ratio to compensate.

But some foods that are a high percentage of fiber, like these noodles, avocados, and berries would cause me to go low if I didn’t subtract them out. There are so many metabolic variables that change from day to day and meal to meal, there’s no way to quantify dosing to an exact formula. That’s why I like looking at things through the lens of a sugar surfer.

I don’t consider an 11 gram serving of carbs as too high.

I have try them ! & they are OK. Not the best I had ! The 11 grams seving is not to bad to me.

I was taught to subtract half the fiber. In any case I have had those noodles and the black bean ones, and think they are pretty good! Subtracting half is 15 grams of carbs which is not bad for the serving size.

They look good… reminds me of pesto. I would try them with pesto and parmesean, a tomato sauce and maybe a teriyaki stir fry… I will definitely pick them up. Let us know how they taste since you have them. Even if they taste a bit off, with garlic and strong spices, I think you could doctor them up. Visually, they look appetizing The Shirataki noodles… I opened a pack but the smell… the appearance I didn’t care for but I could get around it… Love the carb count! Subtracting 10 for fiber, that’s ten grams a serving. Can’t beat that with a stick.

I’ve had the others from that brand, and I think their old version of this one. (Green used to be fettuccine)
I’ve found them to be good as long as it’s sauced. Not just butter. The texture is good but the taste is more beany than pasta so the sauce helps. I tend to subtract half the fiber and not bolus quite so early because the fiber slows my spike a bit.
Will be interested to hear what you think about it. And maybe we’ll finally have a food in common! :slight_smile:

I subtract fiber always. The Black Bean Pasta from the same brand is even lower in carbs: http://www.explore-asian.com/products/organic-black-bean-spaghetti-6-pack.html#.VtYIVO7Tme8

I think we have always had many foods in common. Remember, I doe eat lots of veggies even if I follow a low carb high fat diet.

I know. Was joking. I hope you like the pasta

I was introduced to the Black Bean noodles at an ADA event in NYC last year.

It tasted great when I was there. The rep said all she did was add water and cooked it in a crock pot. Well, tried it at home and the results were extremely bland. Next try was with chicken broth and was still on the bland side.

The product itself attracted me since black beans are supposed to be very good for Diabetics. Additionally, it seemed to be a very hot product at the event.

I would imagine they might be an acquired taste. As long as they are not slimy or mushy. Very easy to add a clove of garlic, red pepper flakes or something for heat and maybe an Asian stir fry sauce of some kind would go very well with the black bean pasta.

I was just coming here to post about a similar product and saw your post. I tried the black bean variety last night. With the black bean a 2oz serving is 17g of carbohydrates, 12g fiber. I made it into a yakisoba-type dish with beef and lots of stir fry vegetables. Both my husband and I loved it. Even with the additional carbs from the yakisoba sauce and vegetables I got a fairly minimal rise. My body definitely handled this better than that blasted Dreamfield’s stuff that promised a miracle way back when.

We picked some endamane pasta from Costco, when they still sold it, and we all liked it. Different from regular pasta but not bad at all. We picked it out because it had lower carbs than the regular. We had it for dinner that night, but after dinner Leonard’s (our young, diabetic son) blood glucose level almost bottomed out! WTF ?! We think that we under calculated the carbs because the effect of the fiber, but boy, even subtracting fiber grams from the carbo grams we got a lowering effect that we cannot explain. Personally, I think that the effect of endamane on blood sugar levels of Type 1 diabetics needs to be studied. This might be a glucose lowering food!