Needing a good Endo in Orlando FL

Anyone from Orlando that can recomend a good Endo? I’m tired of looking. :o(

You might want to post this on the main board as well, Sandy, as there are a lot more readers there.

Hi Sandy -

Yes! I can recommend Drs. Bourne & Bauer!
Two women endos.

Thank you I will check them out. I have had Dr.s from Florida hospital recomended before but they all do not file my secondary insurance so I was trying to find one that would but I think I may just have to bite the bullet. Just not happy at the moment.;

A good doctor, along with an efficient office, is sooooo important, isn’t it?

Good luck.

We just moved and we lived close to Nashville TN. Vanderbilt Medical Center will not be easy to replace. If I could I would just fly out there 2ce a year to see my Endo. Had him for the past 10 years or so. Guess there is something afterall that I will miss from TN. I just can’t deal with Endo’s that tell you what to do and then get puffy when you know better what is good for you. I tried telling them that my ill managed sugar is b/c of my ill managing diabetes and not b/c it isn’t working out so to add something on top of a rocky tower just dodn’t make sense to me. You take it apart and build it back up stronger before you keep going. Oh well. I will just have to bite the bullet and schedule with someone that only takes my primary insurance. Better that than settling. Thank you

If it makes you feel better, the doctors I referred you to are the ones I went to after my previous doctor FIRED ME - LOL - because I didn’t want to do what I was told. These doctors respect your opinion, especially if you are under control. My A1c ranges from 5.4 to 5.6, so they couldn’t argue with me too much - lol

I’m trying one more in Sandlake before I go to the Florida hospital group. Mazza was another one that came highly recomended. Guess I’ll see another one everytime I have to go till I find one I like.

Hmmm…these docs aren’t with a Florida Hospital group, so not sure what you mean - but good luck anyway.

Mazza is with Florida Hospital.