Endo Today

Time for another nail biting appointment, and sadly I have just a few pages logged to show him. Hope for the best. To make matters even more interesting, I went to a pump co.'s intro to pumping class, just to see one up close and personal. Yesterday the pump rep calls me and says he’s talked to my endo about me. CAN HE DO THAT? I wasn’t close to ready to actually approach my doc about it, because I’m still so on the fence. Now I’m embarassed, and I hope the doc won’t bring it up. Apparently all my doc did was smile when he brought up my name. I can hear him saying in my head, “She is soooo not ready for a pump!” And that’s probably true right now. Still, should be interesting today!

Good luck at the Endo today. Don’t worry about it. If your Endo is as good as mine is, he will let you know what he\she think and let you move on it on your own time. A little strange the rep called your doctor without your consent but I guess it could be worse…

Guess who I ran into at the endos office. The pump rep., can you believe it? He acosted me in the wainting area, and I have to admit I was a little cold. I think Ishocked the doc when I asked him not to go on a pump, but if there could be an alternative to insulin for me. Swift answer - NO! But he is re-checking my c-peptide just to appease me.