Endocrinologist Visit Today

Today was my 3 monthly visit with my Endocrinologist (Professor Dennis Calvert).
He is a lovely man, very calm and gentle, he’s never in a hurry and listens to everything you have to say.

First thing he did was ask me how I was feeling. (As I had written in one of my blog posts, my previous visit to Prof. Calvert’s office was not a very good one. I was at my lowest point, I’d had enough of everything even life, but I’m not going to go over it all again in this post, you can read all about it by clicking HERE if you haven’t already done so.)

I told him that I was feeling better and gave him my BG Readings booklet so he could take a look.
He was very impressed with the improvement in the readings.
- My usual morning fasting readings were always at say an average of 16 (288) now they are averaging about 9.5 (171)
- Pre lunch they were averaging at about 10 (180) now they average at about 5 (90)
- and pre dinner was around 10 (180) now they average at about 7 (126)

He is sending me for a blood test so I can see if my AC1 has gone down.
I wasn’t sure what it was previously and he looked back in my file and told me it was 10.5 so it was a lot more than what I had originally thought (have adjusted my profile with the correct number).
I’m not sure when I’ll get the results of this blood test because I don’t see Prof. Calvert for another 3 months but he will most likely send the results to my Doctor so I will find out from him.

I still don’t know why the drop in levels, not that I’m complaining! :slight_smile: It all started happening after I was put on Efexor and I also stopped injecting the Lantus close to where I was injecting the Novorapid ( I now inject them on opposite sides as suggested by the Diabetes Educator), Also, I’m not as nervous or depressed after being put on the anti-depressant so maybe it’s just a mixture of all the above that’s made a difference.

I told prof Calvert about TuDiabetes and other sites on the internet that are Communities of Diabetic people where you can get lots of support and I told him that I’m also blogging about my diabetes and his reply was: “Really? Well that is wonderful! I can really see the change in you from the last time I saw you, you look brighter and more cheerful” and at the same time he wrote down what i had just told him in my notes.

Then he asked me if I was ok with him weighing me and I relied that i was, actually I was hoping to get weighed because I don’t have scales at home and when I tried to weigh myself on my mums a couple of months ago they gave me an error because they wouldn’t go over the 150 kilo mark (now you can understand why my weight was one of the main reasons getting me down and making me so depressed!).
Anyway I hopped on the scales and to my surprise I lost over 8 kilos!!!
It was like a load lifted of my shoulders!! And I left his office with the biggest smile on my face. :slight_smile:

As soon as I got outside I called my son to tell him the good news, he was jumping with joy, he was so happy for me and that made feel even better. Just now as I’m writing this and thinking about the real happiness in the tone of his voice is bringing tears to my eyes! I love him so much! He is the best son! He does so much for me!

Anyway when I got home I sat at my computer and I made up a daily log sheet for myself so that I can monitor everything that I eat, my BG levels, times etc. the only thing I forgot is to put a section in for exercise but I will just write that in for now and before printing the next lot I’ll add that too.
If anyone is interested in taking a look at it, using it, or even modifying it, here it is for download.


If you have any suggestions that I can add to it or change let me know.

Well that’s about all the excitement for me today.

Oh my new bathroom scales didn’t arrive today as i thought they would which was a bit disappointing so now it’s most likely they will arrive on Monday.

Loren, I will be monitoring your progress. I also had my first Endo appointment 2 days ago and took my first Byetta injection this morning. I sorta felt wierd but this is a new journey for me. I, above all other people, want to thankyou for who you are and for your support.

Thank you Jeff!
It will probably take you a little while to get used to the injections but I’m sure all will work out well for you.
I wish you all the very best!

Congrats!! Keep up the good work Loren!!!

Thank you Rich! I’m gonna try! :slight_smile: