Even if u cant see it!

They say how are you?
I say I am tired.
They look at me in shock.Then say what could you be tired about,your young?
I say I am fighting more then they could ever imagine.
They give me that look yet again.
I go on to explain its there even though they can’t see it,I feel it even though they can’t feel it. It changes my mood,messes up my days as well as my nights.
They look at me like I am mental…
I get my injection out before I eat the meal at the restaurant where all the questions and crazy look are aimed my way.
I take my injection and aim it to my thigh and given my injection.
They don’t know what to do look away or stare.
I can’t help it I am a diabetic,type 1 diabetic and I got to take my insulin.
They can stare,ask all the questions they wish but they will never understand.

Hi Osob. Have you entered the Poetry Contest? You should if you have not... My best to you and your family.

Hey Trudy no I haven’t.
Thank you for the suggestion but u dnt
have access to a computer at the moment.
Its not really the same on the phone.
Same to u and ur family.

OSBO!!!!!! How are u doing & how that little one??????? I get what ur saying there. PPl get me sometimes huh??? I got a pump but they still wanna know about it too.

Hi Doris,
I am ok life is hard but I am being strong and fighting
everything in my way.
The little is well still colicky but growing so fast.
How r u and the family?
Pray all is well.
What’s with the heart on ur picture?things changing on tudiabetes.