Exams and Highs

I was just curious does anyone have trouble studying for or taking exams when they are high? I cannot focus at all and forget everything I knew. What do y'all struggle with when it comes to diabetes and school work?

I know when I was high I was so tired that I could barely study but that was when I was newly diagnosed. I was diagnosed my senior year of college. I could remember some things but not all. I relied heavily on tea. I had to study after work so I was always so tired and it was difficult to keep numbers down around mid terms and finals. Remembering things I did not have much of a problem with unless I was extremely tired. Good luck with school!

I get really tired when I'm high. I'm relatively new to management even though I have had it for years. Sunday I slept for ten hours because my sugar was high and wouldn't go down.

They are the worst and when I sleep when I am high it is so hard to get up especially if I make the dumb mistake of taking a nap...worst idea when I am feeling that way.

I'm like that too but when my sugar is high all I can do is lay down. It's like I'm completely frozen. I have missed so many notes in class because I was too tired to focus and I end up looking like I don't care or want to to learn when I really do.

I actually had a teacher call me out in class because my head was down and I was over 300.

I tend to get more lows from the stress of studying. I had to come out of my Property exam in 2nd year have lucozade, get lunch with an individuater and then go back to my paper. When I re read what I had written in the first hour and a half of the exam, it was complete non scene. just went round and round in circles.

Wow. That sounds horrible. I have hyperglycemia and rarely go low. My problem is that I’m high already before going into the exam so I don’t do well. I fee lack and I can’t ever remember the material or focus on the exam. I have a midterm today so I set a temp basal on my pump and am going to try to wait until after to eat. If I fail I want it to be because of me and not diabetes

Good idea. I hate when D trys to hold me back. Im sure u will do gr8 in ur midterm. Good luck!

Diabetes is by far the most difficult thing in my life. My dexcom has managed to wake me and my fiancé up two nights in a row. I feel bad for him having to put up with everything but he is so sweet about it and tries to help me manage things.

i also found it hard to concentrate in the lead up to exams, and unfortunately this impacted my results. However i was able to obtain a doctors letter stating that my results may have being impacted by the symptoms of my later diagnosis of type 1 diabetes as i was at 29.9 blood glucose levels the afternoon of two of my exams.