Extra protection for sensor / transmitter while in the ocean

Leaving for vacation, camping on the beach - San Diego. Wanted to know what we can do to protect the transmitter since son will be in the ocean a lot, boogie boarding, skim boarding, etc. We have Tegagerm that we use once we see the original adhesive peeling, but I was thinking I could use it to cover the whole thing the days he’s in the water a lot. Does this sound like a good idea? Any other ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.

I spent last summer at Schlitterbahn playing in the water (Texas). At the time was using MM 722 with the MM CGMS. Pump not waterproof, used Aquapac (for ipods) for it with no problems, just have to be careful making sure you get the tubing situated correctly and do check it just incase. To keep the CGMS on I used opsite flexifix, bought the stuff in a 4 in wide 10 yard roll, cut to fit and double taped over the sensor most of the time. I would sometimes get water underneath it, but I found it held so much better than any other tapes out there. I do not know how well it would work with other CGMS or pumps, as I am now using Dex for my CGMS but am not in the water this summer. I would also tape the infusion site down (couldn’t easily unhook, but better than losing a site!) when they seemed to begin to peel even with using all the skin tac and mastisol adhesive stuff. Just be warned that the opsite is super sticky on top of the sensor, I would place a piece of paper tape over the MM sensor piece (cut to fit) which allowed the opsite to more easily peel off when I needed to recharge or replace the tape because of water getting under. Have fun!

Thanks, could you tell me where could pick up flexifix (when you say “double taped” what do you mean); no time to order online now. Not so worried about the pump, since the Omnipod is replaced every three day anyway, though I might add tape if its day one. Any ideas if the product is real stuck after he’s done in the water, what to help get it off so he can communicate again with the receiver again (Dex too)?

Look at local medical supply stores - not chain like walgreens or cvs, but places that sell more specialty items. May google with “opsite flexifix” and see if you can find someone in your area (may add zip code after opsite flexifix sometimes works).
I would place a piece of tape in one direction, then a second piece over it making a “X”. A single piece may do fine, mostly you just have to cover the entire site to try to keep water out. It will stick to the tape if using Dex, so you may need to get creative as to removing it between water times so as not to remove the Dex early. (Much more tape on the Dex than the Medtronic sensor).
Opsite has two pieces of stuff to peel off - the first side is the sticky side, you peel that, apply, then remove the top grid/protector piece. You may try a real thin piece of gauze type material, or you may try to apply a paper tape/cloth type layer across the dex tape before you put the opsite over all. And the Dex may continue to read through the tape even though we are told no taping is needed. I never had trouble with the medtronic sensors communicating though the tape layers. Maybe you can try to experiment before you all hit the water with a sensor nearing the end?
And I would then use plain old “Goo Gone” (walmart usually has it) to get the tape residue off of both the sensor and me! The tape removal stuff you can buy prepacked would tend to drip to much and take everything off, I have better results with goo-gone and a tissue.
Sorry so long, I just think outside the box to make this stuff work given I have a tendency to “abuse” the pump and sensors with activities I enjoy (besides the fact of living in Texas and sweating like a camel on a cross country trek through the amazon jungles!) Good luck - sure hope you can make your vacation work and keep sensors and Omnipods in place!

Thanks sooo much Korrie, we just got here last night and the campground is real close to civilization, San Diego, much easier to get supplies then where we usually spend our summer vacation. Will take all your recommendations and try it out in the next couple days. Loads of thanks.