Pumpers and CGMers at the Beach

Hi all,
I’ve got a beach trip upcoming and was wondering what adhesives people suggest to keep all their bionic appendages attached to them while enjoying the water.

I am on a 670g using Quikset infusion sets and I have an option of using the Guardian sensor or the Dexcom G6. I’d prefer the Dexcom for accuracy, but the Guardian has adhesive that is already quite strong. My plan is to use my upper thighs for both sensor and infusion set sites, so I am also open to wearing spandex underneath the suit, but I still feel extra tape will be necessary for times when not in the water.

For those of you who have already attempted this challenge, what worked for you?

Thanks in advance!


My biggest concern is that strangers will steal my unattended devices on the shore. Consider waterproof tape. Swimming does make my stuff fall off faster, so I’m more careful to have extra supplies on me.

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too bad u aren’t using Sure-T’s as I have a perfect solution for keeping those on all day while enjoying pools, wave pools, lazy rivers. I don’t think u can apply that technique, IIRC, to a quickset.

I actually may have a few of those from a sample pack, but I’ve never used one. Do they go in at an angle? If so, are they effective in the leg?

Are you talking to me? If so, they go straight in. Very comfortable and for me 10x more comfortable than Quicksets. U can place an IV3000 (or similar, quality transparent dressing) over the Sure-T. It should stay on when having fun in a water park. I’ve used them numerous times while frolicking in the water at Mandalay Bay Resort. Never had a set come out.

FYI, you don’t NOT prime a Sure-T, other than when you are priming the tubing/set PRIOR to insertion! Since there is no introducer needle, you don’t prime after insertion!

I have been using OpSite Flexi Fit tape for more then six years when I go swimming with great success. It comes in a 2” wide (or wider) role, about 11 yards long.

I went on a cruise and swam every day with my G6. Only on the first day did I use a bit of tape on the sensor because it was Day 9 and the edge had starting peeling up somewhat. The second day I replaced the sensor about 12 hours early in the morning and used it without any issue the remainder of the week. Went in the pool, hot tub, and the beach one day.

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