Extra! read all about it. schedule set

Well, ladies and gentlemen, the D-day has been set. On Wednesday, Feb 3, in the mid-afternoon, I am having surgery. I will be having my left leg amputated to below the knee!!!I don’t know the time yet. I guess I am just being fitted in on the schedule. I just told them that I would allow the amputation this morning and already I am on the surgery schedule!

Please remember me in your thoughts and prayers, especially in the mid-afternoon. This surgery means a major change in my life and the “psychology” of it all. How do I handle this surgery’s after effects? How do I cope with the daily living? Where do I live? Do I need assisted living or just independent living with help nearby? How do I afford moving? How do I physically handle a move?

See, I’m not that wonderfully put-together woman some of you think I am. I’m just one quivering mass of Jello nerves!

Better go. Will try to keep you updated but not for the first week(??)


Lois, my thoughts and prayers are with you on this tough journey. Thank you for sharing this journey with all of us at TU. We are all there for ya.

Lois, I will be praying for you. My wish is that the surgery goes well and your recovery as uncomplicated as possible. You are one fiesty lady and will make it through this! Lots of hugs!

Lois, my thoughts will be with you.

Lois, my eyes are filling up typing this out to you how you’ve written your thoughts. You are such a powerful and wonderful woman! I am so proud to be your friend. You know that many of us wish we could be closer to help you out, but know that we are all sending power vibes out your way!!!
Anna from Montreal xoxo

Knee??? I thought it was foot!!! WOW! Yes your there anytime! I will pray for you!

Lois, you have been in my thoughts and prayers. Keep us posted, and i’ll pray you have the best health care team to help you through this tough journey.

I believe most of us would feel like a quivering mass of jello if we were in the same situation. Losing a part of ourselves that we’d prefer not to, is a traumatic experience. You are a Diabetic with a coursing infection, so that would make you an emergency case.

They will have therapy for you afterwards. Perhaps mirror therapy among others. They will most likely have many ideas set up for People in your situation, concerning your home care.

You will certainly be in my thoughts and prayers Lois. Wishing you a Good outcome and comforting vibes. We wait to hear from you soon. Warm Hugs! :slight_smile:

Lois, my prayers are with you and for you, to find the strength, and pray that all the answers you seek will find you.

Lois…i will be thinking of you and wishing you well. I know it must be so very hard, beyond words.
I know that you can request to speak with a social worker at the Hospital and they should be able to help you with recovery, and living arrangements, etc.
I wish that I could help in some way, just know that you are loved and all of us are with you in our thoughts.

XO Robyn


Thank you so much for your kind thoughts. If it weren’t for you people, I would I would be bereft of any care. I don’t have too many friends here, just acquaintances. You know … people who say they care but just can’t find it in their hearts to go to your apt. to get some things for you!! Those people who let your pet fishies live in filthy water and die without telling you! I know, I have to forgive a couple of people.

You all have a special place in my heart. I love you all … as much as a person can love someone they don’t know yet. and who stops to take time out of their lives to reach out and touch another stranger. (Hope I didn’t sound negative but my emotions are wreaking havoc on me now.)

Doris: they don’t just take off the foot. They take off enough to know for sure they got all of the infection. I also assume it’s because they don’t make prosthetic feet alone. You have to have some place to strap it on comfortably. I’ll see my DR before surgery and ask him if that is really the case.

Smooch, smooch you guys and dolls!


Thinking of you, Lois!

Lois, our prayers and best wishes for you and hoping you have a quick recovery. Stay strong and upbeat and take each day as it comes. Hugs…

As you know Lois, you have been in my thoughts and prayers and definitely will be tomorrow. I know this is a difficult journey but one you will recover from. remember what I said about my Grammy. You have age on your side and spunk. I believe in you and believe you can do anything you set your mind too. It will just take some time to heal … physically, mentally and emotionally.

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Love & prayers XOXOXOXOXOXO

Lois, now that you make that point I remember it.Sorry about that. It just freaked me out hen I read that post. I’ve been thinking of foot only but you make since on that. I will try and call tomorrow night and if you feel like talking we will talk more.

Lois, my prayers and thought are with you also.

Sending big smooches, hugs & every positive thought.

The most difficult time for you, oh honey:(

When you wake up all fuzzy from anethesia, look for us because we’re there with you.

You don’t know me, Lois, but my heart goes out to you. I will think only good thoughts for your recovery.

You all continue to be wonderfully sweet and concerned. Keep on loving me … I have a sneaky suspicion that I’m not going to sleep much tonight!


You are always in my thoughts and prayers!