Eye lady she say

Well done :o)!!

Seriously, todays events from the beginning, I hate all D related appointments, I am always waiting for them to drop a bombshell and tell me ‘well it’s started…’ or 'you know how tight control is sooo important well…'
So dutifully I psyched up for today.

Travelled to my appointment, on perhaps the brightest day in the UK of 2009 (there is a subtle irony here, in that I wish for an overcast day to make it easier on my battered eyes when I go back outside and every single eye appt is sunny, like every single one in the last 10 years, go figure).

I anxiously wait in the ambiently lit waiting room and the smiliest nurse calls me out, and even with her lovely disposition my heart sinks a little more. I know whats coming, though I make jokes and chatter away (it’s a nervous reflex)… some questions and welcomes from the photographer (who I know far too well) an eyetest to check my specs are working and then the tissue… pre-empting those nasty stingy eye melting little drops, which eventually will dilate my pupils. itching and watering I make my way back to the waiting room. for the first time i can remember my sight went quite blurry and my periforal vision was screwed too, which ended up hurting like hell as i misjudged where the magazine table was and cracked my shin on it. AR*E!!

A little while on the second call comes and again I chat to the photographer, she was laughing that as my A1c is coming down on the pump that the next time she shes me she hopes that I am pregnant, I smiled wryly and thought huh yeah right to myself but then she peeled with laughter and said she’d have to keep a camera in her hand bag… so I asked why and she said well we can chart the progress of your pregnancy as well as your eyes because we’ll be seeing you every month then wont we? Ahrg never thought of that one!! :oS

So on with the eyes, full spectrum looking up down left right and all permutation thereof on both eyes, again we got the giggles because I have long eyelashes and in order to keep them out of shot I look a little like marty feldman :o) I also know the eye positions they want to take images of so unintentionally I pre-empted the little green light which we all found very funny, the levity helped to be honest.

She looked through the images and compare them to last ones which were borderline and…

WOW they’re really good!! my jaw nearly hit the floor, all the suspect bits had cleared up, there were a couple of miniscule bleeds, and the most sinister shadow near my retina? has disappeared completely bar 1 tiny white pixel on an image blown up to fill a 19" screen, thats pretty tiny i reckon so woooo hoooooooooo!!!

I am deeply indebted to my team who put the brakes on my overzealous desire for rapid stabilising, ok dropping the A1C 1.4% in 3 1/2 months isn’t the speediest and there is a whole lotta room to improve on 8.4% but my eyes are good and I feel good about it.

I just gotta go swallow some headache tablets as I can’t lie still with my eyes shut and nearly always get a headache which is threatening now so bye for now from a happy little laydee! x

I love how you can tell a story about your experiences. It kept me quite entertained. Congrats on the improvement in your eyes. All that hard work does pay off. Keep up the great work!!

Thanks Kathy, it means alot to me that you read my blog and enjoy it :o)
Great news about the eyes too eh, Thanks for the support x

winks* It’s a necessary evil isn’t it?