Pump to ezManager connection issue

Hi all, just got my wireless USB connection thingy, and after installing software, I can suspend pump and start the download of data, but it is constantly losing link and stalls out after a short while, i havne’t been able to get more than 50% through process before it finally wigs out and gives up on download. I am wondering if this is common issue or is there something wrong with my pump or USB dongle thingy? I do notice the little window on the back of my pump looks rough, like the cover is scratched or scuffed? (see pic below) Ideas? I have to suspend it while trying to download so i don’t like being disconnected very long and each try takes forever! The remote meter on the other hand, was done in just a few seconds!

We prop the dongle (I think that’s what they call it in in the instructions) up on a stack of post its or something so that the flashing green(?) light from the dongle is level with and very close to the window on the pump. Have you tried that?

I tried holding the dongle directly on top of the window even! I’m going to try again in a bit, maybe i just need to set it up and go for a 5 min walk. … well, that worked. I setup pump and dongle and it made it to 85% then crapped out, but 2nd try made it to full 100%, whew! Must be really sensitive to any movement at all. ty for help!

I find that the pump takes much longer than the meter and that it is VERY sensative to movement and such. My daughter’s window on her pump is not very scratched up, but some. I wonder if it’s worth a call to them to see if they have advice.

We typically download when she’s in the shower, when she takes it off normally.

From what I can tell, it is “normal” for the connection to be slow and unreliable.

We balance it at an angle so that the pump is leaning on the dongle. If I am staring down from the top, the green light is roughly even with the top of the pump/cap.

The green light should blink fairly rapidly. If it is blinking slowly, then you have poor alignment.

Adding to the difficulty is that the pump must stay “awake”, and so I’m constantly trying to push buttons to keep it from going to sleep. That little movement alone sometimes causes “hiccups” in the communication. (If the pump goes to sleep, then your data connection will be lost.)

Furthermore, it seems to take a long time to download, even if you frequently download. We are new to this, and I’ve only downloaded 5 times or so. The first downloading grabbed several weeks of data. I then downloaded the next day (presumably only getting one day’s worth of data), and it took just as long.

I/R communication is very slow… no simple way to get around it.

The scratched lens could be an issue, but given that you are able to get halfway through, I suspect that it’s acceptable.

I think it’s either poor alignment, or perhaps that the pump will timeout on you.

The alignment is very picky. As I was learning, I would experiment by watching the blink rate of the green light. I would might a SLIGHT adjustment, and then wait maybe 10-15 seconds to see if the blink rate increased. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Personally, I found the comprehensive reporting to be worth tolerating the annoyance of downloading.

I had a similar problem and ended up changing the dongle to a different USB port (so that it showed up with a lower number), and that worked. However, I never got it to work by scanning the ports. I have to select the correct port. I have Windows XP.

I also find uploading the data to be quite difficult. I hold the pump with its back to the front of the dongle 1" - 2" away, lean it back slightly, and press a button to keep the screen awake without moving it at all. I always end up with a cramp in my hand.

I found this picture on a blog somewhere…if you can hold it like this throughout the upload will complete.

and like the pp said, while its scanning the ports make sure you keep pressing a button to keep it awake, and once you figure out what port its on, from then on you can just select that port to speed up the whole process.

Funny enough i didn’t have problem with pump going to sleep, but since it was suspended, the “no delivery!” alarm on vibrate went off and broke the connection because it moved the pump around on the desk. Oy! Second time it worked all the way through. Next time i may have to turn off that alarm i guess… always something, innit?

OMG!! i just got my pump and am still going thru the literature! i am not very techie, so this could be interesting. i was going to download this to my pc, but its old and the ports are on the back so i have to pull the whole thing out and turn it around. if i do it on my laptop, i can certainly download but i cant print cause the printer wont connect wirelessly to my laptop cause it’s running Windows 7. which by the way, can i even download any of this stuff on windows 7 or must it me XP, Vista or 2000???
this might take me a lifetime to figure out!!! Lol!!

Animas does make something called an IR Docking Cradle. I first saw it in my Endo’s office, so I asked my friendly Animas educator about it, we have a good relationship & she always helps me. So she sent me one, & it is now so easy. You prop the dongle up & insert the pump in a slot, it holds the pump steady & the dongle is at just the right height & angle. I had my Endo appointment today & she happened to be there upgrading their software. She said once it has made the connection & the green light on top of the dongle is blinking the pump wont go back to sleep, it took 3 minutes to download my 2020 pump.

So ask for a Docking Cradle, the date on the diagram instructions says 2009/09, & I think the part number is AN09-1868.

I just called Animas to see if I could order a docking cradle and the person on the phone said that they do not carry this item. Would you please recheck the part number so that I can order one. I get very frustrated every time I try to upload my information from my pump to the computer.

The part number may be AN09-186B (not 1868). I can’t find it anywhere on the Animas web site either. As I said I first saw it in the Doctor’s office when they downloaded my pump data. I asked my local Animas trainer & the sales rep about it & they sent it to me. So talk to your local Animas people, or does your doctor use something similar. The information card says Animas. but maybe it is something they only officially give to Doctors’ offices. It really does make things easier.

i actually saw a docking cradle at my DEC office today. i was there this morning getting set up on my pump and going live for the first time. we were talking about reports, and setting up the EZManager software. i mentioned something about the dongle, and the difficutly i have read about, and she showed me the one they have. she said they only have the one, and she wasnt’ sure where they got it. i said i heard Animas has them but you need to order them. the one they have is blue, but there doesn’t seem to be a name or # or anything on it. i am going to call Animas tomorrow and see what they have to say about it.

Here is the cradle:

Works better than the “balancing act” recommended in the brochure, but still not completely reliable.

1st attempt while using it failed at 60% - 70%. Second attempt worked. (By the way, it took 5 minutes to download.)

==> Mike.

that is exactly what i saw at my DEC. i am hoping to contact Animas and see about getting one. the girls at my DEC say that it works perfectly for them. they have one for each type of pump that they download and this one works best.

Or maybe ping could just join the 1990s and just put a mini-usb port on the thing. This infrared thing is ridiculous.

sounds good, except it would be an extra entry point potentially making it not water proof (one of the biggest selling features for me)

I should add, wifi or bluetooth could be an option

What is that?? Much better than my system of sitting it on a book.

Oops, never mind, just went to the first page :wink:

I was going to say… bluetooth. That way, you could at least have a little security. (I believe wifi would require the pump to connect to a network.)

Plus, with bluetooth, you could pair the pump with your phone, and download data to your smartphone.

I’m picturing a simple App that could download data and then text and/or email the data.

Our daughter currently communicates her bg, carbs, bolus to us while she is at school. She texts it. I’d love to see an app that would simplify that for her! :slight_smile:

==> Mike.

Bluetooth would make so much more sense. When the next generation Animas is released, it will be paired with Dexcom via RF. RF can’t work with two devices, so we’ll have to choose dexcom or remote.