Ezmanager Max

Hi everyone… I’ve had the onetouch ping for about a month now and im just starting to look at the ezmanager max software.
I have the meter plugged in and downloaded on it so I can look at my blood sugar records but I have no idea how to download the pump…
Does the cord that is needed come with the pump? Because I got the meter cord just I dont think I have the pump one. Did you guys have to purchase it yourself? Also, where does the cord get plugged into the pump?? Im pretty confused about the whole pump part of this… Any help would be greatly appreciated!! thanks

My copy of EZ Manager Max came with the cord that downloads the pump. The cord to download the pump uses infrared. You aim the infrared end at the little window on the back of the pump. The cord for the Ping came with the ping.


Call Animas. They’re really helpful. But to answer, the software comes with a cord for the meter and another one for the pump. The one for the pump has a large rectangle on the end which is an infrared reader. You aim it to the back of the pump, turn the pump on, and put it in “suspend.” It’s a fairly slow process, and the longer you wait between downloads, the slower it goes. I do it once a week. Also, if you download your pump, you do not have to download your meter because everything in your meter transfers to your pump. (Learned that one at software training.) Where I live, there are trainings on carb counting, pump functions, and the software once a month. I just went to the Animas site, and I cannot figure out where they hide the class schedules, although I know I found it there before. There is this section that might be helpful http://www.animas.com/about-insulin-pump-therapy/online-education-training. Again, I suggest calling them.

Yea, you need a “dongle” for the pump. Its the infrared sensor. I suggest calling them up. Its fairly straightforward, but while you are DL’ing the pump, you need to make sure it doesnt go to sleep mode. Also, its usually best to scan all ports, because its different for all PC’s. (you will know what Im talking about when you get there)