Fiction with a diabetes angle: Next Episode

Hi, everyone ~

For anyone who's interested, I've posted Part 2 of "The First Shot" (Part 1 was a couple of weeks ago). A blast from the past, with NPH and injectable oranges!

This video, as well as two others, can be viewed via the link down below.




Happy new year!

As some of you know, I'm a writer of fiction. My first novel came out in 2007, the second one is "in the pipe," and I'm now working on a third. There's nary a mention of diabetes in the first two books, but the time has now come. Diabetes plays an important literal and metaphorical role in this latest project, tentatively titled The Ministry of Internal Medicine.

Although it's still early days, I've been hankering for some writer-reader contact of some kind — and since we're in the age of iPods and YouTube, I thought I'd take a stab at posting some informal readings — scenes involving the Big D in some way — and inviting members of the DOC to have a listen.

I know there's oodles of stuff, online and off, demanding your attention, so if you're at all inclined to click the link, you have my heartfelt gratitude. Comments and questions are gold.

So far there's just one reading posted on my channel, and it's about 10 minutes long. A non-diabetic listener might wonder what's going on with my character in this particular scene, but you'll all figure it out. :)

Here's the link:

Heather Burt's YouTube channel



Interesting! So what happens next?

She's on LSD!? Haha. ;)

Not sure what the book is about, but good luck!

Lindgren — tune in next week for a new episode!

Richmatik — that would involve too much research on my part. ;)

Many thanks to those who've viewed the vid ... I'm feeling more connected already. :)

New episode posted!

heh heh heh

I like the story, it reminds me of my college years. I didn't have problems "checking out" while I was partying, generally the day after. It makes the hypo sound really trippy. I like the writing too, very tight and engaging and evocative.

Thanks so much, Acid ... I really appreciate you listening to the reading!

Sure, on a nitpicky level, I'd say that one doesn't "peg" something "into" the garbage? Peg is like when you nail someone with a short, quick throw I think? It jumped out at me. I'm curious though how marketable this will be to people who aren't 1980s people with diabetes who went to wild new wave parties like I did? I don't recall crying either, I was so relieved to feel better. I was happy.

Nitpicking rocks. :)

Re. marketability, the book may indeed prove to be unmarketable for all sorts of reasons! On principle, I think situational/cultural specificity is a good thing in terms of giving stories a real life. One of my favourite novels is The Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro. It details the daily life and concerns of an English butler in the mid-20th century — a world that's almost completely alien to me, but the unfamiliar details are part of what draws me into that world.

But, yeah, the whole business of how much diabetes-detail a general audience will tolerate/enjoy is interesting.

Thanks a million for listening to TWO excerpts!

New episode posted!

Nice! I don't get the aversion to shots. I felt like such utter crap when I got dx'ed that I was relieved to have a way around it. Although I was also listening to Black Flag and the Rolling Stones and other music from the seedy side of the street at the time, that may have also given me an appreciation for "syringe chic"? Mick said "It's just a shot away"!

Syringe chic ... that's hilarious! You were way cooler than I was back then. ;-)

I didn't freak over the shot either, but I was figuring my life was pretty much over and that syringe they handed me was just the nail in the coffin! I hadn't yet gotten to the point of feeling like total crap. Sadly, I'd been kind of stoked about losing weight without even trying. (Now shaking head at younger self ...)