First For Women Magazine

That's me on the left bottom of the magazine. :-)

The Magazine I am in hit the stands yesterday. I could not believe when I saw that I was on the cover. I am a mom of 3 in my 40's!!! How is this real I thought?? You can pick up a copy of First For Women Magazine at most stores. I feel the article was done really well and feel really proud to share a good message of eating healthy to lose the weight. This site has been a wonderful support to me though the years and I appreciate you. So many of you keep me motivated to keep moving my message forward. Thank you!!

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Jill Knapp

Yup… that’s me. Lost over 70+ lbs without dieting… Thanks for spreading the message.

Congrats Jill- You must have worked really hard to lose the weight. I am sure all the members of TuD are proud of your achievement. And getting recognized by a national magazine is really exciting. I’ll have to look for the magazine and pick up a copy.

Good for You! congrats on the achievement AND the recognition. Keep up the good work. Its all about staying happy and healthy the best we can.

Thanks for the support! The journey has been worth the hard work!