I have an announcement to make

When I weighed in today my weight was 298. Five years ago I was 498.

200 pounds and still going...WAHOOOO!!!

THAT IS AMAZING!!!!! Good job broken pole.

CONGRATULATIONS!! I hope all your treatments are working out well. Cheers! :) Joanne

you are a star! what will power and determination, you must be so proud of yourself! i hope youre doing something AWESOME to celebrate! tell us what youre doing to celebrate.

WOOHOO INDEED!!! You're a TuD rockstar!

Wow, huge accomplishment! Way to go.


What a great announcement, Congratulations!

Congrats!! Keep working hard an soon you’ll be 198! :slight_smile:

Congratulations on the weight loss!!! I hope things continue to improve for you. And BTW, a big thanks for the welcome to TuDiabetes :)

Great work--Congrats!


As usual, your determination and commitment show Sparky! Way to go!!!!

OUTSTANDING!!! congratulations....keep up the good work, i remember how i felt when i broke trought that 300 level......

Great job Brokenpole! So great to break that 300 barrier. You rock!

Congrats! You have done a FINE JOB!!
God bless,

There's impressive weight loss, then there's IMPRESSIVE weight loss, and then there's SUPER IMPRESSIVE weight loss. You my friend have blown all three out of the water. WOW!!!!

Thank you all for your kind words. I had hit a point where I was wandering on the weight arena. Not really gaining but not loosing a lot either. When I started on dialysis and started to feel better I started loosing again.

Now if I can lose another 45 pounds I will be down to my old hockey playing weight.

I can do it!!

You are amazing. Congrats!!

Congratulations! That's an amazing and inspiring accomplishment!