Update on our lois

Lois is still at the same hospital. She is waiting to hear when she will be going to the after care facility, it is within a different hospital.
Her burn is alot better and she had an X-ray of her hip that has been hurting her for sometime, no results yet. They are applying a gel to her foot wound and it is suppose to help with the extraction of the dead skin and promote healing.

She is bored and wishing she had a laptop!!
She would love any calls. Her direct room phone #(414)) 385-4118

Thanks for the update, Robyn!!!

thanks robin!!

Hello everyone,

I just spoke with Lois and she will be moved this afternoon to the “after care facility”.
She does not have a phone number yet, but will call me and let me know. I will pass it along, if anyone would like to call her.

She is in good spirits (bless her heart) and her burn is doing very well in the healing process. The doctor cut-off some skin on the foot wound…it is taking it’s time in healing.

She is hoping to get on a computer soon.

And Thank you to all for the warm wishes.

Update on Lois. I spoke with her last night and she has been moved to the “after care facility” . She is doing well and is as sweet as ever!
Her new phone number is (414) 978-3635 rm.# 635

If anyone would like her new address, please leave a message on my page and I will get back to you.
Thank You

Good on you Robs. XXX

How about we send her flowers from all of us? Many can you gather the money and send her flowers? you know using flowers.com or anything like that!

Hello Everyone,
Just spoke with Lois…updated phone # (414) 978-3633 rm # 633

She sends her love and hello’s to everybody.
Again, I have her address if anybody would like it.

Thank You

How the power of good thoughts is paying off…you are on our minds, Lois.