For the love of Pete!?!?!?!

Anyone else sick? I’m in Maine, but I hear from friends all across the country that there is this lovely little virus going around. It’s nameless but the symptoms seem to be the same: constantly running nose, and LOTS of sneezing! No pollen yet, so it’s not allergies. All day long I’ve been saying things like “Mercy!” and “For the love of Pete!” and “Are you kidding”!

I’ve basically spent the last 2 days on the verge of sneezing, or staring at lights trying to convince myself to sneeze, and all I end up with is watery eyes, and ONE running nostril! I’m going mad, MAD I TELL YOU!!! And it’s not like I can BLOW my nose, nothing comes out! What is going on!!!

:slight_smile: I’m American born, but my grandparents are from Canada and Scotland. We use “creative swearing” in our family so that is what you are picking up on. I find the European phrases MUCH more interesting and therefore use them. Plus, who would get mad at a 6 year old who says “bloody hell”? Apparently not my parents or grandparents. They encouraged it so now I’m stuck with it. I’m actually trying to learn Swedish since I’ve learned one song in that language and it’s about a robot named Anna. I’m random.

I’m in VA & have a nasty bug. Feels like a sinus infection because my head is throbbing. Stuffy head. A bit of a fever comes & goes & ache all over. Mostly just feel really tired.

Neti pots are great


I thought we talked about this earlier. No discussion of Neti Pots without pictures!

And yes, there is a great deal of sinus action going on in my part of the world.

Hi I am in Ontario,Canada and I have had some of the same symptoms,mostly sneezing which I rarely do.Have a good one Devon

I am in SA and since last week I had these symptoms, I started to go to the gym again yesterday and for some strange reason after my workout the runny nose and headache was gone.

The bottle looks easier to use than a pot.

Well, I’ve now got a full blown cold. I’d be okay with it, except I still have the “half sneeze, half not sneeze” sensation that makes me WANT to sneeze, but instead I look like I’ve been crying. And with all the snuffing, I SOUND like I’ve been crying. Ahhhhh… what would I do without these LOVELY LITTLE IRRITANTS in my life? Swear less most likely. And today it hasn’t been the creative kind. It’s the “make a sailor blush” kind. You know what I mean?!