Minimed one touch ultra link meter

Sorry to hog the board.

Does anyone have extra One touch ultra link meter that you may not want. I want to switch meters but I use three. Since I use three meters I am seeking to increase the number I have If you have one you might not want please let me know. Right now mini-med is only manufacturing the one they need for replacement.


Try contacting your local OneTouch representative. You can get the number from your endo’s office.

They’ll probably be happy to send you some. They’re always happy to see folks using more of their test strips!

Hi Rick.
I happen to have an extra one for you! I only use the ones that can be downloaded and the earlier ones can’t be… so, if you’d like a pretty much new one that doesn’t have downloading capability, let me know by emailing me at and we can figure out your mailing address and such… oh, I’m traveling (for work) all this week, so can’t put it in the mail until Saturday, May 17.

Well unfortunately I have already contacted mini med and one touch to no avail.

Here is the story I got. Basically one touch is not manufacturing or distributing the new meter. It is an all minimed program. I understand it may be a first where meter distribution is separated from strips. I understand that minimed does not at this time intend to sell or “pass out” these meters to anyone except the original pump allotment of one meter per pumper. (Hence my question) I understand that one touch never intends to sell them or pass them out. Likely if someone has one they are not using they will be somewhat valuable for at least a year.

Minmed suggest that when they start selling them, the retail price will be about $180 - $200 with no discounts ever applied. Form my standpoint it is a wonderful meter and good replacement for the prior meter, but darn, that is expensive. Hopefully this doesn’t mark the start of seperating meters form strip manufactures.


PS thanks for the replies. !!!

That’s a bummer to hear. I use three meters… on for home (currently the UltraLink), one work, and one as my travel around with me). It would be nice to have UltraLinks for all three, but at those prices, I guess that I’ll have to continue keying in my BG numbers with my other two meters. I can’t see spending that amount.

well you know over time meter manufactures have always buckled and given them away. I am hopeful that our new friends at minimed will send us some presents. LOL

Rick, did you ever find an extra one? Please let me know.

I got one. actually I found two on sale on Ebay. So I spent a couple of bucks and got one. Now I hear nova max is giving paradigm link meters away now. All you have to do is call them.


Mini-Med is going to start selling the ultra link in July. I called them recently about getting a spare and they said sometime in July they will be out for purchase.

that is good news Cody,

there seems to be a bit of competition going on to see who can get or keep the test strip market for linked meters. When I called Nova about three months ago and inquired about buying a new link meter the woman was just nasty.

When my meter finally gave out I called to get a cheap replacement and boom they are giving away linked meters.

I am in process of switching over to the one touch system and am waiting for my test strips to arrive. Had I known about the new attitude of Nova I might have stayed with them. But such is life.


try ebay they have been out there for small dollars… there is none now but i have seen the meters for sale in past… .keep looking. good luck.

I was told that Minimed is now selling the new meter. Has anyone purchased one form Minimed? I wonder the price?



Yes I like mine as well. But don’t worry the fascination wears off pretty quick. Your doctor can go back to not being surprised, I know mine has. LOL