Free Pump Skin

Hey all, went to check on my last supply order. Animas Estore has an offer for a free skin.
The hardest part was choosing a color!
They are asking for shipping, but it was only $5.00 ground.
Thought you might like to know…
Interesting, they also have a new pump ordered for me,but I guess that is the way it shows up when the one supply gal was just inquiring.
Have a great day all.

I don’t see this offer…

I don’t see the offer either. :O(

Yes, I got my free pump skin - I chose purple - used it for a week or so and decided I didn’t like it at all. It is thick and makes the whole pump more bulky, and it cracked after I took it off once. I threw it in my Animas box and haven’t used it since! But some people seem to really like their skins. I got it for protection, though my trainer had said the pump was tough. She’s right, in the 4 months I’ve had it I’ve banged it and outright dropped it a few times with no ill effect (good thing, because I’m clumsy…obviously!). But some people seem to love their skins. You can also get the free EZ Manager Software, which I finally downloaded but still haven’t used!

I got mine in my box when I first got my pump. There’s lots of paper in there, so it might be in there somewhere. Or was Laura talking about an offer other than for new pump owners?

Wow. I signed in with my user name, and a white box came up with the offer. I clicked on that, got a list of color choices and then selected shipping option.
Odd odd odd…
Do you all have user names and passwords?
I’m a regular Estore customer, I get my supplies that way…

Uh oh. I wasted five dollars then?
I also picked purple.
Oh well.
As for the software, I have it and I dont bother with it.
For some reason I always end up screwing up the data transfer, and then my pump has no settings left on it and I have to start over.

It’s in the Estore site…

does the pump intially come with a holster or a clip?

Clip. I don’t care for the skin either…

I got an offer of a free skin plus EZ Manager Max software when I got my new Animas pump last year but it was tied to having a new pump. It may be because the store thinks you’re getting a new pump even though you technically only looked at your benefits rather than a general offer for all customers.

I like my skin. It took a little getting used to but I like it.

I’m pretty sure mine shipped with the flat profile clip. I don’t remember ordering it separately.

how do you sign up for the estore do you just register online??

Oh, don’t listen to me, Laura, I’m very opinionated…lol. Lots of people love the skins, so maybe you will. I don’t remember paying $5, but maybe that’s because mine was totally free as I was a new pump owner.

Yes, just go to the Animas website and register. You have to put in your insurance information and stuff. The first time I ordered I was worried when it said $135 for each box of sets I ordered, but it just says that and then charges you the right amount based on your coverage. I did forget about my $500 deductible though; I forget every year…wishful thinking.

Remember when I said a few words about the clip? The SKIN can be awfully stubborn with the skin, I went through 3 clips in one month…

Zoe, I had a coupon to order the pump skin in the box with my pump, at the same time I ordered the computer program. I also ordered and paid for a skin for my Ping meter. I don’t use either one of them. I use the clip for my pump and don’t want the bulk with the skin and when you put a skin on the meter remote, it won’t fit nicely in the case anymore. I did run into a young girl who uses the skin on hers and she puts it in her back pocket. Everyone does things a little different and what works for one of us doesn’t necessarily work for another.

Now that would be bad.
The newer clips are fragile enought…

My old IR 1000 had about six covers. A lady I met on the web sent me some and I obtained a few others on my own. They were nice.
The 1200 had a really nice hard shell case that I was able to have made with my dog’s photos printed on.
That was also a nice case.
the new clip…not so nice.

Oh, I agree, Carman. And I have also found I don’t know if something is right for me until I try it myself. Like I thought I’d love the Tallygear belt and I never use it, only the spibelt. Also everyone I talked to said you only need the 23 inch tubing and I love my 43 inch tubng (except that it only comes in grey, because they think only big macho men use it and they would NOT like pink!)