Free Smart Pix Device Reader

Until October 30, 2008 - order 300 or more strips from Disetronic and get a free Smart Pix Device Reader. I just ordered mine. This plugs into your USB port of your computer, and has an infrared window so you can easily upload all your numbers from your pump and/or meters for all kinds of reports. There is no software to load. They will file the insurance for you too, if you have insurance pay for your strips.

Call 1-800-280-7801 and mention VIP Code 2105202
Fax them your prescription for strips at 888-810-0758

I’ll report back when I get mine!

well the offer is expired now. actually I hate the thing. It doesn’t come with enough instructions, and it seems every time I want to make a report, I have to figure it all out all over again. It’s also very unfriendly with my operating system. I waste a lot of time and paper, too.

I know JT. so true! and I’m fairly intelligent, one of my majors in college was Math,& I was a Senior Systems Analyst for the Defense Dept.

I was told one advantage of the SmartPix is ease of exporting information from the Palm Pocket Compass to a printable format.
Im still perplexed on how to get the file out of the PDA… No its not as easy as Export and use the IR in 360 like you think it would work… Supposed to call Customer support next week…

I absolutely dislike Accu Chek 360…

I broke down and got the SmartPix…Plugged it in, opened the start.htm and boom, i was off and printing reports with both my pump log AND my PDA’s BG readings…also downloads the carbs if you use the PDA…
(360 you have to download the pump and your BG meter separate and doesnt let you bring in the carb counts from the PDA)… 360 also doesnt allow you to bring in BG readings entered into the PDA to calculate your bolus from an alternate meter (but SmartPix does ;))

The export function in Pocket Compass works reasonably well now :wink:
Had to read the instructions but it wasn’t too hard once you did it… the intial setup file having to be edited with notepad is a little non-intuitive but it does work easily after you do that step.