Getting the pump in 7 days! Need real world advice!

Hey everyone,

So I’m being put on the insulin pump in 7 days… excited, nervous, just one big sack of emotions haha.

Ive been on saline for a couple weeks, to give this bad boy a test drive, read the manual, and watched a couple videos.

I need to know some “Real World” things to look out for, the things that the books dont tell you, and I wouldnt know to ask my educators about.

Example- Tyler when you sleep its better to put the pump in your pocket so it doesn’t tangle.
-Tyler when your in Vegas and its 110 degrees out, make sure you cover the pump.
-Tape the tubing to your side so it doesn’t snag…

All the real world advice would be great!

I dont know what questions to ask my educators. Its difficult to know what questions to ask, until your in a situation where you need to know the answer… I realized this when I was first diagnosed.

Thanks in advance!

Thanks Dave for the response.

They gave me “Silhouette” infusion sets. Any word on these ones?

Ill be sure to pick up a copy of the Pump Insulin book.

Thanks for the tip!

If you haven’t read Think like a pancreas; a practical guide to using insulin do, it worth the read and is a real practical approach to using insulin and how everything works.

I’ve not had any issues with the Quick Sets. I guess I have been lucky. I religiously us the inserter provided. Get a slew of samples from the rep.

Pumping Insulin
is a great resource on pumping.

The best hint someone ever gave me was to learn the exact prime for loading up your sub tissue with a puddle of insulin when you change your infusion site. I only prime the line and the after connecting the line and inserting infusion set, I pull the needle and prime 2.5u and have no drop or rise in BG. To each his own, as Dave said, you are the pump’s brain, and it will only do what you tell it to, no question, no argument. Once you have your basal rates set, then comes the I:C.

Take it one step at a time, it can be overwhelming if you try to do it all at once.

ya I was supposed to only be on saline for 3 or 4 days, but the appointments kept getting pushed back. figured might as well keep this thing on, get as used to it as possible.

Thanks for the tip!!!

I plan on starting out conservatively for the exact reasons you mentioned.

My diabetes educators are the ones who are getting me on insulin with this thing, and my endo has set the basal rates and all that good stuff to make sure that I start out slow. He suggested that I am on 0.5 Units per hour through out the day. With my carb and correction ration being the same as now, while Im on shots- 1 u per 15 carbs, & 1 u per 50 points above 150.

Originally he set the pump so it would deliver 0.5 from hours 8 am - 11 pm, then 0.4 from 11pm - 5 am, and 0.6 from 5am - 8 am. But I requested we start with one basal for the day until I get the hang of it, then we can tweak to multiple basals after we have more data, and a comfort level…

Do you use an inserter, or manually insert the infusion sets?? I have been manually inserting them, and it seems fine, just curious if the inserter is much better? And is there any possiblity of inserting into a vein? Ive been using my sides, and one time when changing the infusion set I noticed blood was in the tube that was under my skin, didnt bleed when inserting or removing, just noticed blood in the little tip of the tubing that was in me, after removing it.

Thanks for the response!

Does the inserter make much of a difference as opposed to manually inserting the infusion sets? I never got one for the silhouettes and the trainer told me I should learn to manually insert.

Im going to be using the MiniMed pump. It has a “Manual Prime” and a “Fixed Prime” the manual prime is supposed to fill the tubing and the “Fixed” prime is meant to fill the new infusoin set. The silouhette infusion sets have a set amount that they need to be primed. Its printed on the package, so it tells me exactly how much it needs to be filled. So that works out pretty well…

Thanks for suggesting the book, Im definitely going to check it out.

Glad to hear you havent had any problems with the Silouettes. One thing Ive noticed while on saline is where the hell do you tuck the tubing? Its fairly long, and Im a little nervous to just roll it up and tuck it in my underwear, nervous it will clog… What do you do with your tubing so it doesnt just hang out and snag? Where do you put your pump? Do you clip it on your pants, or just drop it in a pocket?

I think I’ll have to give the sure-T’s a look into. I’ve just been using what ever they gave me to get started. Appreciate the suggestion, definitely seems better- no fixed prime, no teflon cannula.

Is it alright to “re-use” a reservoir? When I change sets, theres still plenty of “insulin” [saline for now, but insulin soon] in the reservoir. Is it alright to just keep that reservoir, and just hook up the new sets to the existing reservoir? ALSO if down the road I run out of reservoirs, is it alright to “re-fill” them?

When I was on the pump, I would tuck it into the side of my pants, or wrap it around the pump and then clip the pump at my pants hip (inside the pants with the clip on the outside) - or in my bra, but I don’t suppose you could do that. haha. I didn’t have major issues with clogging, but you can always check the tubing throughout the day (say when you’re in the bathroom) and see if it has any creases in it.

Always, always, always carry extra supplies with you. In your car, in your back pack, carry a man purse, whatever you need to do. Just keep some extra stuff on you just in case the pump malfunctions, the tubing gets clogged, you run out of insullin in the resevoir, etc. Now that you’re on the pump, there is no longer any long acting basal insulin, so if something happens to your pump, you’re in Dka within a few HOURS.

Great tool. I learned so much about my body’s natural fluctuations whlie I was on it.

T1D 11 years / pumped from 2005-2007
MM710 / Silhouettes / shorter tube (don’t remember length) / slim clip / Quick serter

Just a few things off the top of my head (in addition to what others have suggested):

  • You need to know your correction ratios and your carb ratios as close as possible.
  • Do you need different basal rates while sleeping? (for example, my doses for basal were: 6am thru midnight 1.45 / midnight thru 3am 0.8 / 3am thru 6am .045)