Go Pack

Recently some one had posted a Pic of bag they use to cary supplies with them on the move.
This is my GO BAG. The vacuum bottle will hold two pens with the blue gel pack. It’s keeps temp. in range for two days in a car in the summer. There are snacks for when I go low and a glucose meter to check if I don’t believe what my CGM is telling me. No not available from Amazon, but from Army\Navy store or gun shop.


very good job bringing everything together. I use the smallest PacSafe bag I think they make as my “Man Purse” which has one of everything I use on a day-to-day basis.

I’m ok with putting my insulins in a Frio bag that isn’t chilled. I also like using several old glucose tab bottles to hold three packs of Smarties as my low-blood sugar substitute.

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Well I can hardly wait to fly. The vacuum bottle pictured has been upgrade to a 4allfamily Voyager refrigerator bottle with battery pack. Per the company it is TSA approved. I’m ready for the fight.

They will probably make you open it and show them the contents.