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Officially received my doctoral degree today. Only 4 more years until I am doctor doctor.

Now I have my whole side of the family in our tiny apartment. Yeah, it’s just a tick cramped and everyone is getting on each others nerves… big time. Especially my wife and I, the combination stress and torture level lack of sleep we are about ready to…

SuFu, PhD


Awesome. Although technically, I have actually “received” my degree and not gotten the piece of paper. I always worried until I had the actual thing in my hand.

ps. Remember to get the darned thing framed, don’t roll it up and put it in the garage. Ooppss, you don’t have a garage.

Thanks. Def no garage! I am working on a cool framing idea. I saved the original signature sheet from my committee, the pen they signed it with and the tassle. They also had professional photographers there for the hooding ceremony. So now I am just trying to piece something together for my undergrad diploma too (history major).

That’s great! 4 years left until we have a real “doctor doctor” to really get this disease (if you choose this area of medicine). Enjoy your success and celebrate!

I really doubt if I’ll go into endocrinology. Not because I don’t think I could help a lot of people, but I don’t want my work to be the same as my life. I already deal with T1 all the time, I don’t want it to be my job too.