Grateful for All of My D-Peeps

In times of change and uncertainty, I am grateful for this community. When we or our loved ones are touched by diabetes, it is often devastatingly traumatic. All of us have had that feeling of bewilderment as our world suddenly changes. Thank you for being kind and helpful and loving to people you have never met. We are a community that wants to help others get back on their feet and reassure them that there are people out there that have their backs. You make me proud to be part of your family. Let’s keep helping one another and show everyone in this country and the world that no matter where we come from, who we love or what we believe-- we will stand together in concern and encouragement. Thank-you.

The only point of this original post is that we have something here that is unique, but I guess I was wrong.

How 'bout them Cubs?


Timbeak48: right back at you! :heart:️

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I have such a heavy heart right now. This community is keeping me sane. I’m holding you all close. I also recommend making some chicken soup.


MarieB, I feel the same way. Devastated and wondering how this could have happened. Finding it difficult to work and crying unexpectedly…




I have been in such a funk for two days. In these times, i tend to turn to my fmaily. Including and most notably my online fmaily. Of course these first of these is TUDiabetes


Since no one is actually saying what they mean here, I will not try to guess what the specific subject is. However generally, I believe that no matter what the issue is we face, our fears and worries are usually based in our lack of knowledge in the situation. Whatever the issue, whether it is a diagnosis of diabetes, or say something like an unwanted outcome. The best way to eliminate the concerns is not chicken soup. It is understanding and knowledge.

When faced with these dilemmas, I have found the best therapy to be investigation. Dig deep, go beyond the normal sources and find out exactly what is behind the outcome. Understanding how it came about usually eliminates a great deal of dread. Simply suffering from “the vapors” is silly and unproductive. It gets me nowhere at all.


@Timbeak48 Thank you for posting this heartfelt thread. It’s so nice to know that we are all in this space with the ultimate purpose of living our best life with diabetes and supporting one another on the journey. :heart:️


Here is a link from the TU D blog page. Kind of says it all.

Uncertainty is certainly caused by a lack of knowledge. But when the lack of knowledge pertains to what people will DO, there is no book to predict that. The election results mean that some people didn’t like this country’s direction. I have no problem understanding that.

But when you win an election by blaming others for your problems, can’t readily acknowledge that you, too, can make mistakes (we all can) and show a remarkable lack of interest in learning or expanding your understanding of what is happening around you–that’s more than a little troubling.

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I totally understand. You are absolutely right. I have gone through the same agony over the last two cycles myself.

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Yes and it’s equally important to realize that half of the county would feel the exact same way had the outcome been reversed-- these are our neighbors, not the “basket of deplorables” that they’ve unfortunately been portrayed as in this remarkably ugly cycle. But now it’s time to move on. Some people got the result they wanted, some didn’t, At the end of the day, everyone is going to be fine. Nobody is going to lose insurance, maybe that situation will even improve… there is an equally good case to be made for optimism right now.


If you are truly concerned and want to get direct information or even if you want to make your concerns known and offer input. Here is a place you can go and do just that.

I want to make mention here that this result was not my first choice. It ended up being my preferred outcome based on the option. But, just like diabetes it happened no matter what I wanted. And just like diabetes it exists and is now my reality. So I have to accept it. I need to understand what it really means to me and my family. And I need to do everything I can to make the eventual outcome as healthy and positive as I possibly can. Really, what is the difference?

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A thousand million times this!!!

I’m not sorry to say that I can find no optimism in the fact that the man who will soon be President of our country is a racist, anti-Semitic, misogynistic xenophobe. I have lost my faith in justice.

I would feel exactly the same way if that were true.

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If that were true?!?!?!?!?

Did you not listen to what this man said repeatedly?
If this is not true, then this man is an even bigger liar than I think he is…

Maybe you’re OK with everything Trump said because you are a Caucasian non-Jewish male…

Let’s get back to the reason for Tim’s post: that we have each other for support and comfort as we all cope with this infernal disease!