Guardian Sensors from Medtronic

So when I received my Medtronic 670 it came bundled with a few boxes of sensors along with the transmitter and accessories.

It never worked for me so I still have sealed boxes sitting in my closet. Now I got the T:Slim pump so I can pair with my Dexcom.

Question is - what can I do with the Guardian stuff? I feel bad to just toss it. Is any of it legally allowed to be sold or gifted? Like maybe even just the sensor tapes?

Unfortunately, “no”. It’s because they are prescription items. It’s not even legal to give to someone, instead of selling it to them. I was once given the wrong Rx at target pharmacy and when I said the items were the wrong brand, they said the moment it crossed the counter, it couldn’t be returned. sigh.

I just bought a box of five for $125 off of Amazon. They were labeled “for research purposes only.”

Please ask your local free clinic if they can pass them on. Mine has some restrictions but I have given strips and lancets when I changed manufacturers.

I ‘donate’ my ‘new’, no longer used, DME (Durable Medical Equipment) or DMS (Durable Medical Supplies) to my diabetic educator, who I must visit once per year, as training aids or visual examples. They may do what they want with them. In a pinch, I have received help from my diabetic educator when a fugamie happened between my insurance company and my diabetic supplier. The items held me over until my supplies arrived.