Gynecologist & CGM

I hesitated on posting this but here goes. Another reason I wish more Doctors knew more about Insulin Pumps and CGM’s!!!
Yesterday was my second visit with this new Gynecologist and she seemed to be examining longer than usual. But, I thought she was just being thorough. She asked me about the CGM that she sees attached to my belly and I’m thinking ok this is the awkward moment when she makes small talk while she examines me. Well, later I found out she thought the CGM was deep into my belly and she thought she would be able to feel it. :open_mouth: Anyone else experience this???

While I have no direct experience in this context to fall back on, that sounds as though it could be very … uncomfortable.

It’s also somewhat surprising, in hindsight, that your gynecologist didn’t just ask, “Hey! What’s up with that doohickey?” :disappointed: Maybe you just had to be there …

I find it amazing the amount of people that are shocked to learn that I change my pump sites by myself. One of my co-workers (an STNA in nursing school) thought the needle was a couple of inches long. Another co-worker, upon finding out that I’m supposed to change my site every 3 days, asked how I had the time to go to the doctor’s office every 3 days.

A parallel to this is how often diabetics who use insulin tended to really dislike staying in a hospital because they insist on doing to you what you have always been doing for yourself.

Or at least it was that way in the past. I would be happy to learn that over time that practice has changed.

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@MissMargie A couple of inches long is much better than a DOCTOR assuming it was a long tube implanted deep within…lol.

@irrational_John It’s been a long time since I’ve been in the hospital. I’m guessing every hospital is different on how they treat us. But, one thing I do know, is that hospital’s scare the heck out of me!

I don’t know why it would be surprising or one would feel offended at all for a health care provider to not know about type 1 diabetes and supplies, certainly a CGM. They don’t specialize in this field and would have no idea what this is. Just explain and move on. No big deal, IMO.

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If you can feel the cgm on a gyno exam you’re not using it correctly.


Or the gyno exam is being done incorrectly!


Unfortunately that’s the way it istill is at the hospital for my health plan. Indeed, we are expected to surrender our devices and let the hospital staff manage things. Excuuuuse me! But I bg check 10-15x a day - there 4 - 6 times isn’t enough. I huse a “log” insulin in my pump - not R, and I have a CGM along with my frequent checks. I won’t be admitted as long as I have that health plan.