Happy thanskgiving

to all my friends and extended family here on TuD. happy thanksgiving to you and your families. and for those of you who don’t live in the states and aren’t celebrating the holiday, happy day to you and yours too.

Happy thanks giving to you debb.I wish to know the occasion behind the celebration and why you call tomorrow black Friday, why it is a shopping day??
The beauty of of our community is it is global and diabetes is getting us to learn about our different cultures and way of living.
Today we are going to look for the new moon of the Arabic month of ze Al Hegga ( 12 month of the year),this is the month when Muslims gather in Mecca to do Haj,pilgrimage.We fast for 9 days ( not obligatory) ending our fast on Eid day, the tenth
Happy days and years to come to the world

sohair- Thanksgiving day goes back to the infant days of our nation. We celebrate with a huge feast of roast turkey, mashed potatoes and too many others goodies to list. our family decides what pies we’re going to have, then we plan the rest of the menu. i LoVe to make pie! it’s a day for us to focus on all that we are thankful for. usually families travel to gather together. my sister, bro-in-law, and their kids came from denver. my other sis from here in town will spend the day with us as well. tomorrow is black friday- silly name. it’s really just a slang term- not an official holiday or event. the unofficial start of the Christmas season starts the day after Thanksgiving so stores have huge sales and people get up ridiculously early- we hit the stores at 5:00 am- to get the best sales. i just like to go to watch how crazy and loony people get. i have a dear friend who is muslim. is there an appropriate greeting or salutation - like we say happy Thanksgiving, or Merry Christmas etc.- for the start of your fast. if i wanted to send him a message, is there something i could say to acknowledge his faith?

Happy Thanksgiving to all from me and my family as well. Hope everyone will take time today to be thankful for everything that they are blessed with.

Thank you very much jen for your reply. My dear debb added to my page her beautiful comment about such a beautiful day.
We greet each other with Al Salam alikum.Salam means peace, alikum; on you. Salam is one of God’s names. We like believers believe in the only God there who created the universe.
I have a dream for our community here: 10 million members who love each others and promote peace and tolerance world wide…
I have 4 of my sisters, 2 nieces nephew, and a brother in law who joined us; I like them to learn about your beautiful culture and get to know all of you.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING To You Debb And To Everyone Else Celebrating This Joyous And Blessed Occasion.
Thank you! :smiley: God Bless!

Happy Turkey Day =D

Happy T-G to you and your family:)