Has your diagnosis affected your relationships?

I have wondered, since you were diagnosed with diabetes, has your diagnosis affected your relationships such as marriage, friendships, parents, siblings, significant others, etc.?

For me, my diagnosis really scared my wife and daughter. Both immediately went out and joined a gym and work out swimming and walking almost every day. My mother went out and bought a book on diabetes and drove me crazy for a few weeks calling me EVERY DAY and asking me what my blood sugar was. I finally had to ask her to back off and let me handle it. My friends were totally cool. A few of them are diabetics and the ones who are not, nothing changed.

Anyhow, what is your story?

I grew up diabetic so I dont believe anything changed, but I can see how it would be difficult for your loved ones…Mothers are here to drive thier children crazy, cause they love us. I’m pretty sure everyone has one of those stories…

I was diagnosed with type 1 in the midst of what has been the most challenging time of my marriage - it has definitely made an already difficult time that much more confusing. BUT it has forced me to just focus on my own life and needs, which may have been needed all along… I’m not sure in this kind of a situation how much my wife/partner gets it with the diabetes, but it doesn’t really matter as I have to keep taking care of my self regardless.

My daughter has been great, but I know the whole situation has been hard on her - she likes to help with site changes, calculate carbs, etc. But it’s not easy when your parents are yelling at each other, and then your dad ends up in the hospital…

I was in a relationship when I learned I was a diabetic, the moment he learned I was he cut ties with me (bailed on our date, stopped calling and never returned my phone calls or emails).

Family wise no issue since my mom’s been type 2 for 20+ years

Now got a husband who worries about me and try to make sure my levels stay good