What do you do when you want a hot drink?

I’ve been struggling with this all winter long. sigh… For me,anything hot brings my numbers up. I’m at a loss. Feeling slightly chilly and wanting the comfort of something hot without the "stab in the bloodsugar number."
What do you do?
Thanks for your answers:)

Are those low cal chocolate drinks any use?
I should think you could make a chocolate drink with real cocoa,whole milk and an artificial sweetener. Could have whipped cream on top. the sugar free sort.
a good savoury drink is yeast extract in hot water. I particularly like that one. I don’t like chocolate.

sigh… Can’t drink any sugarfree drinks without a raise in bloodsugar. Even hot tea with sugarfree packet will raise my bloodsugar as much as 60 points for a cup.
Yeast extract? Is that like the yeast flakes that you can get organic?

Decaf coffee with cream, I even add a shot of liquor on a chilly night. Yummy! Or you can add Da Vinci sugar free kalhua syrup.

I don’t know what’s available in the USA. What I use is Marmite. Can you get that? I’m sure I’ve seen a brand of yeast extract spread with a USA label on it. typically it comes in a round glass jar with yellow screw lid.

I keep reading about the Da vinci syrups. are they really good? I can only get them mail order. I have tried to see if my local pharmacy could get them. They’re not big sellers in the UK

If sugar-free non-nutritive sweeteners spike your bg, you may need to look at drinking unsweetened hot beverages. Depending on your preferences, you might wish to try:

  • Black coffee
  • Unsweetened hot tea, with or without
    • a twist of citrus peel
    • a cinnamon stick
    • a thin wedge of citrus fruit, squeezed into the tea
  • Non-medicinal herbal tea (cinnamon is supposed to good for diabetes)
  • Tisanes (hot water infusions of dried fruit-and-spice combinations)
  • Herbal teas designed for improved insulin utilization/glucose tolerance (check the package labels, or research and make your own)
  • Hot water with a twist of lemon
Experiment to find what works out best for you :)

They have liquid splenda so have zero carbs. Some of them are very tasty and they ARE convenient. But if they are too expensive mail order you might consider trying to buy liquid Splenda (it is only available online in the US) and creating your own with natural essences and oils. For example, I don’t usually use the vanilla flavor syrup because it has artificial flavoring as well as natural. Instead, in my baking and on yogurt , I use a teaspoon of pure vanilla and a few drops of liquid Splenda. Many people don’t even realize that powdered Splenda has sugar in it so it has 1g carb per teaspoon. Not bad if you are only adding a small amount but for baking, a half a cup of the stuff adds too many carbs for my metabolism.

I grew up in England but can tell the US folks that Marmite is definitely an acquired taste :slight_smile:

I’ve popped a butternut squash in the oven to make soup for lunch.
It’s 1 pm now and this is tasty. I didnt add the milk/half and half to keep down the fat content.
I put a small onion, handful of baby carrots and spices in. Yummy!
I’m ready to try the different suggestions you all came up with. I do have a bit of Splenda on hand. I bought some seeds to plant my Stevia this winter and am waiting for it to warm up a bit to plant:)

I don’t bake, because I’m low carb and the flour would be too much. I do use natural vanilla essence in my coffee. I haven’t seen liquid Splenda anywhere, but Dr. Bernstein suggests crushing and dissolving the tablets. I made meringues with powdered Splenda for Pavlova yesterday. being Easter Sunday. It was a treat. I know it has Maltodextrin as a filler, but a box usually lasts months and I use the tablets for sweetening drinks. I keep a pack in my handbag always. I like yoghurt for breakfast and the sauce might be good to go on that. I make a sauce from low sugar fruit preserves at the moment. Just occasionally, i would like to do things the easy way. Still I haven’t seriously fallen off the wagon for nearly a year. I had a small baked potato with my beef stew for lunch. I checked and BG was 6.6(118.8) an hour later, which isn’t bad.

I acquired it as a child and love the hot drink from it.

Do you know that Stevia isn’t legal in most of Europe? ( where I am in England)

I drink Good Earth Tea, Original flavor, decaf. It’s sweet and spicy, delicious and satisfying and has no effect on my blood sugar. I have several cups a day. Enjoy!

I love butternut squash! your soup sounds delicious. I no longer count fats(low carb) and I put some cream into the beef stew we had for lunch. It was fantastic.

I bake with ground golden flax seed and nut flours (almond or walnut). If you use liquid splenda, the results can be very low carb. I used to bake a lot and am VERY fussy so don’t find a lot of recipes to be worth the effort. However, flax and almond waffles are my current favorite breakfast, served with fresh berries and whipped cream. I am Type 1 and can use insulin but my diet is so low-carb that some meals I manage with diet and exercise alone. Liquid Splenda is available online as EZ-Sweetz or Sweetz-free. The former does ship internationally but it’s a bit expensive. I will be in England at the end of April and would be happy to bring you a bottle and pop it in the mail over there if you like. (The bottles are tiny- one drop is equal to a teaspoon of sugar.)

I love butternut squash also but it is very high carb. I can’t manage it on a low carb diet. The only winter squash I can eat without taking insulin is spaghetti squash. That’s my new favorite food for dinner. I like it better than pasta, which I haven’t eaten in a year, and it’s so versatile with your favorite sauce.

Another tea drinker here. I drink a lot of green tea (great hot or cold) and enjoy other herbal teas as well. I have a cup of coffee in the a.m. and sweeten it with Splenda.

Hi Libby…are your flours sold at Whole Foods or the like? Do you simply substitue them for regular flour? Where are you getting your fun low carb recipes?

Meadowlark…sheesh! Something new every day! I thought it was the caffeine that was the culprit, but after reading Dr B, I switched from powdered splenda and fat free 1/2 and 1/2 to splenda tablets and reg 1/2 and 1/2. My #'s still rise, just less. Now, I learn it’s the heat??? Does hot soup or food do the same?

One factor on your side, Elaine, is going off fat-free to regular. Many fat-free items are made fat-free by adding carbs and reducing protein.

Heat can have an issue with bg if you have circulatory issues. In those cases, your bg may read lower than it should, because oxygenated, glycosylated blood is not getting close enough to the skin to come out during a test.