Help me name my pump


at least i had it around books lol! i dont think ive ever ready any of his poems


it seems abbott and costello is the lead. on fudiabetes i have the same poll going on. abbott and costello and einstein and tesla are neck and neck. going to do another poll on that site and see which comes out first. but it seems that abbott and costello seems to be ahead


ok on the other side einstein and tesla is winning. so im going to narrow it down and do the same poll over here.

  • abbott and costello
  • einstein and tesla

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I think of bread crumbs with panka as well. I guess u named it already.

I like jet. But Go Eagles. They will win again!!!


omg i like panko!
so my coworker calls me hil-borg because I’m part hilory and part cyborg (I’m a cyborg because of my pump) haha
and now I want to name my pump
ahhh the possibilities are endless


the jet is because its black…otherwise i wouldve of added patriots my favorite team :smiley:


i love naming my pumps. this will be the first time im naming my CGM. i was on the animas vibe for so long that i only named it one name. in the past i only named my pump when i was on the ping. but now its the two of them :slight_smile:…and go ahead and name your pump :smiley:…it will bring a bit of laughter to your pump instead of having it be boring. plus it brings a smile to your diabetes as well.


so far im still trying to figure it out lol…gotta check the fu site and see what the poll results are from there.